Attention Deficit Disorder w.r.t Neural Network Learning

Jon Machtynger jonm at joli.cityscape.co.uk
Wed Sep 24 02:30:09 EST 1997


I am currently looking into how attention deficit disorder (ADD)
can be simulated with neural networks and further how we can learn 
about ADD from the NN's.  I would appreciateany pointers to research 
material on ADD.  This could be in the form of research into learning 
with children with ADD, or the physiological impact of drugs on 
learning with ADD suffers.

I am currently having no luck finding any empirical evidence on ADD.
Most of my searches come up with ADD help groups or home pages of
companies selling drugs to combat the disorder.

Please CC any responses to jonmach at informix.com or
jonm at joli.cityscape.co.uk.

Many many thanks for any information.

Jon Machtynger

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