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Right vs Left Brain & ADD

Laura J Miller ljmiller at iquest.net
Sun Jun 1 23:08:41 EST 1997

In article <3390CFC4.26C7 at pop.connix.com>, hypercog at pop.connix.com wrote:

> I ran across a list of right brain vs left brain traits on the web, and
> the right brain traits read like the diagnostic criteria for attention
> deficit disorder (ADD), while the left brain traits were all the things
> ADDer's seem to be missing.  I've heard the theory regarding decreased
> activity in the frontal lobes, but not anything about left vs right
> brains. Is this list accurate?

I'm by no means an expert-just a lowly graduate student who researched
ADD for a paper in one of my classes..... :)  But, I did come across
some papers that referred to this hypothesis, and was intrigued by it.
Maybe someone else here can give an opinion on the theory.

One paper---  _Journal of Child Neurology_1994 Vol 9 (2): 181-189.
_Hemispheric Processing and Methylphenidate Effects in Attention-
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder_.   The paper references
other papers that support the hypothesis.

Abstract:  "To advance our understanding of attention-deficit hyperactivity
disorder and medication effects we draw upon the evidence for (1) a
neurotransmitter imbalance between norepinephrine and dopamine in attention-
deficit hyperactivity disorder and (2) an asymmetric neural control system 
that links the dopaminergic pathways to left hemispheric processing
and links the noradrenergic pathways to right hemispheric processing.  It
appears that ADHD may involve a bihemispheric dysfunction characterized by
reduced dopaminergic and excessive noradrenergic functioning.  In
turn, favorable medication effects may be mediated by a restoration
in neurotransmitter balance and by increased control over the allocation 
of attentional resources between hemispheres."

Any ideas as to how this could happen?  (because I'm interested in 
developmental theories :)

Med. Neurobiology

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