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call for papers: EuroPar-96 and NN Workshop

Helene Paugam-Moisy Helene.Paugam-Moisy at lip.ens-lyon.fr
Mon Jan 29 10:30:38 EST 1996

 ___                 ___          _ ___  __
| __|  _ _ _ ___ ___| _ \__ _ _ _( ) _ \/ /
| _| || | '_/ _ \___|  _/ _` | '_|/\_, / _ \
|___\_,_|_| \___/   |_| \__,_|_|    /_/\___/
		Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France 
			    August 27-29, 1996

Euro-Par is THE European conference on parallel processing. It is the
merging of CONPAR-VAPP and PARLE, which were already two major events
in the field. The goal of Euro-Par'96 is to gather people interested in
any aspects of parallel computing and architectures.

Euro-Par'96 is split into workshops which focus on specific domains.
Each workshop is chaired by a major leading researcher in the field.
You are thereby ensured to have the best opportunity to meet colleagues
and to discuss on-going science.  Furthermore, there are invited talks
to hear about hot topics, and, since many workshops run concurrently,
you can meet a large spectrum of people and broaden your expertise.
Workshops duration will be between 1/2 day up to 2 days depending on
the number of selected papers.

All the accepted papers will be published in the collection Lecture
Notes in Computer Science by Springer-Verlag. The proceedings of
Euro-Par'96 will contain full papers (12 pages), short papers (8
pages), and poster papers (4 pages).

01	Programming environment and tools
	Jack Dongarra, Knoxville, USA
02	Routing and communication in interconnection networks
	Robert Cypher, Baltimore, USA
03	Automatic parallelization and high performance compilers
	Chris Lengauer, Passau, D
04	Distributed systems and algorithms
	Friedemann Mattern, Darmstadt, D
05	Parallel languages and programming
	Ian Foster, Argonne, USA
06	Parallel discrete algorithms
	Burkhard Monien, Paderborn, D
07	Parallel numerical algorithms
	Ian Duff, Didcot, UK
08	Parallel DSP and image processing
	Larry Davis and Joseph Jaja, College Park, USA
09	Design automation for parallel processor VLSIs
	Francky Catthoor, Leuven, B
10	Computer arithmetic
	Jean-Marc Delosme, Yale, USA
11	New applications in high performance computing
	Wolfgang Gentzsch, Genias, D
12	Theory and models of parallel computation
	Bill McColl, Oxford, UK
13	Parallel computer architecture
	Chris Jesshope, Surrey, UK
14	Networks and ATM
	Paul Kuehn, Stuttgart, D
15	Optics in high-performance computing systems
	Ahmed Louri, Tucson, USA
16	Neural networks
	Michel Verleysen, Louvain, B
17	Scheduling and load balancing
	Apostolos Gerasoulis, Rutgers, USA
18	Critical systems
	Amir Pnueli, Weizman, Is
19	Performance evaluation
	Francois Baccelli, Nice, F
20 	Instruction level parallelism
	Guang R. Gao, McGill, CA
21	Meta-level and high-level control in parallel symbolic programs
	Jean-Pierre Briot, Paris, F
22	Parallel and distributed databases systems
	Erhard Rahm, Leipzig, D

Submitted papers should be no longer than 15 pages. 
The cover page must clearly indicate the names, addresses, 
affiliations, and electronic addresses of the authors. The workshop 
number and the workshop name related to each submitted paper 
must also be clearly indicated on the cover page.

Authors are encouraged to submit PostScript versions of their papers 
electronically at europar96 at lip.ens-lyon.fr. Authors not having 
access to electronic facilities are invited to send 6 copies of their 
papers and a cover letter to :

Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon,
F-69364 Lyon Cedex 07, France
Phone: +33 72 72 80 37, Fax: +33 72 72 80 80

Electronic submission			February 18, 1996
Non electronic submission		February 4, 1996
Notification of acceptance/rejection	May 10, 1996
Camera-ready of accepted papers		June 10, 1996

Please email to europar96 at lip.ens-lyon.fr for any 
questions related to Euro-Par'96. Other information is available on 
W3 at : http://www.ens-lyon.fr/LIP/europar96

Euro-Par'96 is organized by LIP (Laboratoire de l'Informatique du
Parallelisme URA CNRS 1398) and will take place at the Ecole Normale
Superieure de Lyon.

General chair:		Pierre Fraigniaud
Program co-chair:	Luc Bouge' and Yves Robert
Organization chair:	Anne Mignotte

======================== WORKSHOP ON NEURAL NETWORKS ========================

 ___                 ___          _ ___  __        Announcing a Euro-Par'96
| __|  _ _ _ ___ ___| _ \__ _ _ _( ) _ \/ /              Workshop !
| _| || | '_/ _ \___|  _/ _` | '_|/\_, / _ \
|___\_,_|_| \___/   |_| \__,_|_|    /_/\___/
                               Neural Networks                                
                                    LIP, ENS Lyon, France. August 27-29, 1996.

Program Commitee:
  Michel Verleysen, Microelectronics Lab., UCL,
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, Chair
  François Blayo, Pre'figure, Lyon, France, Vice-Chair
  Marie Cottrell, SAMOS - Univ. Paris I, France, Vice-Chair
  Helene Paugam-Moisy, LIP, ENS Lyon, France, Local Chair

Deadline: February 4, 1996 (paper); February 18, 1996 (electronic)

Euro-Par is THE  annual European conference in Parallel Processing.  It merges
the former PARLE and  CONPAR-VAPP conferences,  two major events of the field.
The 1996 version will consist of a  large panel of highly focused workshops on
all aspects of parallel processing,  from theory to practice,  from academy to
industry. They are expected to present the latest advances in their respective
domains.  They will be introduced  by several high level tutorials  of general
interest.  More than 20 workshops have been launched in parallel, ranging from
1/2 to 2 days. All accepted papers will appear in the proceedings published by
Springer-Verlag in the LNCS Series.

Workshop #16:
                               Neural Networks                                

  The research on neural networks covers a wide range of disciplines, from
biology to parallel hardware implementations, but is not yet mature: it
includesmany new interesting methods and algorithms for recognition,
classification, control and other various tasks, but also many rediscoveries
of methods know in other domains of science, and also inventions with little
practical or application value. While not restricted to these specific areas
workshop will emphasize on the relations between artificial neural networks
and other domains such as multidimensional statistics, signal and information
processing, ..., and on the real applications of neural networks actually
implanted and in use in industries or services. 

Topics of interest include:

Artificial neural networks (ANNs)            Links between ANNs and statistics 
Links between ANNs and signal processing   Information processing through ANNs 
Industrial applications of ANNs   Parallel Algorithms & Implementations for NNs

Further information is available  at URL http://www.ens-lyon.fr/LIP/europar96.
It includes the  list of all workshops.  Please send all  information requests
and comments to  europar96 at lip.ens-lyon.fr.  Register today on the Euro-Par'96
mailing list by sending us a mail! See below for additional information.
|                  Valerie Roger, Euro-Par'96 Secretary                       |
|      LIP, ENS Lyon, 46, Allee d'Italie, F-69364 Lyon Cedex 07, France       |
|Phone: (~33)72728037; Fax: (~33)72728080; Internet: europar96 at lip.ens-lyon.fr|

                 Additional information for Workshop #16
                               Neural Networks                                

Submissions are  expected to be no longer  than 15 pages.  The cover page must
clearly indicate the name,  address,  affiliation,  phone and  fax numbers and
electronic  address of the author(s),  plus a 100-word abstract.  The workshop
number (16) and the  workshop title related to each  submitted paper must also
be  clearly  indicated  on the  cover  page.  The  official  languages  of the
conference are English and French. Submitted papers must not be simultaneously
under  review  for any  other  conference,  and  authors  must  point  out any
substantial overlap with their previously published work.

    Electronic submissions are most strongly encouraged. They are mandatory
    for  all  people  having  access  to  standard  electronic  facilities.

They should consist of two e-mails:
.. The first one containing an ASCII cover page, giving the author's full name,
address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, a 100-word abstract and
.. The second one with the printable file, most preferably in attachment.

Accepted  formats  are  uuencoded   compressed  EPSF  PostScript  files  (most
preferably generated  by dvips).  We are sorry  not to be able  to accommodate
other file formats.  If at all possible,  please attempt to print the document
on more than one  brand/model of laser printers.  If your program requests it,
assume that the document will be printed on a 300 DPI standard PostScript Unix
Sun laser printer.  We will do our  best to get all  files printed.  If a file
cannot be  printed in spite of  all our efforts,  we will  have to  reject the
electronic  submission.  In case  of doubt,  send us a  (possibly preliminary)
paper version  of the submission  before the  February 4, 1996  paper deadline
(one  copy is  enough  in this  case).  We will  consider that  the electronic
version of the submission, if printable, is the final one.

The files should be mailed to  europar96 at lip.ens-lyon.fr  and received at this
address before  February 18, 1996, 12:00 GMT.  Please note that this is a firm

Paper submissions are only allowed  for people without easy access to standard
electronic facilities. Authors should send 6 copies of their submission to the
official address below,  postmarked before February 4, 1996.  Please note that
this is a firm deadline.

Proceedings.   All accepted papers will be published by SPRINGER-VERLAG in the
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series. Proceedings will be available at the
conference.  Papers will be  published in 3 lengths:  full papers  (12 pages),
short papers (8 pages), poster papers (4 pages).

          Register on the mailing list:                   Today!
          Deadline for paper submissions:          February  4, 1996
          Deadline for electronic submissions:     February 18, 1996
          Notification of acceptance:                   May 10, 1996
          Final version due:                           June 10, 1996
          Euro-Par'96 at ENS Lyon, France:       August 27--29, 1996

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