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Color vision

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Mon Jan 29 18:47:51 EST 1996

erik.nordh at neuro.umu.se (Erik Nordh, Dept. Clin. Neurophysiology) wrote:
>In article <4cvm4b$m6m at fu-berlin.de>, merrill at fub46.zedat.fu-berlin.de
>(Stefan Simon) wrote:
>> Where can I get a short summary or general information about Zeki's
>> concept of color vision in the human brain ? Is there anything about
>> this topic on the Web or has anybody some information that he/she could
>> e-mail to me ?
>> Thank you,
>> Stefan 

To which Erik Nordh replied...

>Also try looking up some back-issues of Scientific American a few years
>ago (I've forgotten which year; sorry!). If I remember correctly, there
>was an article on the brain systems for perception of contours, movements
>and colour, written by a member of one of the major American groups
>working within this field of neurophysiology.

The Scientific American Article you're thinking of was the Sept. 1992 Special
Issue on Mind and Brain.  

Other interesting work on vision is the work of David Van Essen at MIT.
Although he does not deal specifically with color, he does study the functional
properties of anatomically sepereate and reentrant pathways among the various
visual areas-LGN to V1/V2 to other cortical areas, and back again.

Edward M. Hubbard
(cs61a-wo at cochise.CS.berkeley.edu)

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