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George Hammond prep at unix.ccsnet.com
Wed Jan 24 03:13:01 EST 1996

Dear Prof. John House: I've been meaning to reply to you since I saw your 
postings on ASSESS-P (Listserv) vis a vis my Preprint BBS months ago.  That 
issue has been resolved and PREP (http://www.ccsnet.com/prep) is now a FREE 
public service facility for General Psychology.
        I'm interested however in your views concerning "hard" science vs 
"soft" science expressed lately, and your recent query concerning the 
scientific bona fides of my claim to have discovered the Structurall Model 
(and that its located in the Fornix).
        A "hard" science is a science whose laws can be traced to an axiom 
(i.e. a "self evident fact").  The shortest distance between two points is a 
straight line, is considered an axiom, because while you can't prove it, it is 
considered self evident.  From that we deduce Euclidian geometry.  Math is a 
hard science because all its laws can be traced to axioms.  The same with 
Physics. That space is 3-dimensionl is an axiom, and from that axiom 
basically, you can derive Einstein's theory of gravity etc.
        A law however such as "loudness depends on the logarithm of the sound 
wave amplitude" is an empirical or experimental law, because while evidence 
proves it, it CANNOT be traced to an axiom.  Similarly, when Eysenck claims 
that Personality Structure can be shown to be three dimensional (his 
celebrated E,N,P result), this is an empirical or experimental law, not an 
axiomatic law, because it can't be traced to any known axiom. (in fact it 
can't even be traced to a biological cause in this particular case).
        NOW, THE CURRENT POINT OF INTEREST, is that I am here making the claim 
that an AXIOM has been discovered which proves that the Structural Model is, 
in fact, not only experimentally 3-dimensional, but AXIOMATICLLY three 
dimensional.  The importance of this is that it means that Psychology is now a 
"hard" science, where before my discovery, Psychology was a "soft" science.  
As Peter Merenda (Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations for the APA, 
by the way) points out in the introduction to my second paper (visible on 
PREP), it took 30 years for Psychology to be accepted in the International 
Scientific Union, because they claimed it wasn't even a science!  And now I am 
here, (a physicist) claiming that I have found the axiomatic law of physics 
underlying the Structurall Model, or to put it more accurately, have found 
that there IS an axiomatic law of physics underlying the Structurall Model!
        O.K., so now we've arrived at the stepping off point of your recent 
posting to ASSESS-P, and that is "why is the Fornix the homunculus of the 
Structurall Model of Personality?", as you have put it.  And furthermore, why 
is that an AXIOM OF PHYSICS?
                         * * * * * * * * * *
                     *             *             *
                  *   right        *       left     *
                *   sensory        *       sensory    *
              *                    *                    *
             *        RHippo       *        LHippo       *
             *             X       *       X             *
             *               X     *     X               *
             *                 X   *   X                 *
             *                   X * X                   *
             * * * * * * * * * * * X * * * * * * * * * * *
             *                   X * X                   *
             *                 X       X                 *
             *               X   FORNIX  X               *
             *             X               X             *
             *      RMam'lry       *         LMam'lry    *
              *                    *                    *
  THE           *     right        *         left     *
PHYSICS BRAIN      *  motor        *         motor  *
                      *            *             *
                         * * * * * * * * * * * 
 You really have to view my papers (on PREP at http://www.ccsnet.com/prep), 
which are fully illustrated in professional and laborious detail to fully 
comprehend the theory.  I have put these papers on the Internet (even tho they 
are published) so you won't have to go to a library to read them.
        Anyway, the above diagram is a sketch of my Fig. 4, (in my 1994 NIP 
paper by Pergamon).  What it shows is the geometry of the Fornix in relation 
to the 4-major lobes of the brain.  The vertical and horizontal lines are the 
Medial and Central (Rolandic) fissures; dividing the L-R (Sperrian) lobes and 
the Motor-Sensory (Bell-Magendie) lobes.  As my 1994 paper (on PREP) shows, 
the Fornix connects these four major lobes via Gray's celebrated 
Septohippocampal system, which he has established, is a neuropsychological 
Personality structure.
        The AXIOMATIC basis of all this comes in, as my published papers show, 
in laborious, documented, illustrated form; because the Medial and Central 
fissures are CAUSED by the Cartesian -binary cleavage of the egg in 
embryology.  We are not bilaterally symmetric and four-footed by accident.  It 
is caused by binary-cartesian cell cleavage and is mandated, a priori, by the 
fact that the human body has to possess cartesian geometric structure (again 
see my papers on PREP).
        At anyrate, it is proven in my papers, that PSYCHOMETRIC GEOMETRY IS 
instance are physically congruent with the medial and central fissures and the 
neuraxis (the "x,y,z axes" of the brain!).  Your celebrated BIG-5 model (which 
is currently taking up so much space in the APA's American Psychologist and 
everywhere else) is just E,N,P plus (Gray's) two diagonal axes passing thru 
the left and right axes of the FORNIX! (again see my papers on PREP, at 
http://www.ccsnet.com/prep, I have put them there so that you don't have to 
even leave the comfort of your armchair to see them!).
WHAT ALL OF THIS MEANS, as I have said in my banner headline:
Is that, it has been discovered that the long sought for STRUCTURAL MODEL OF 
PERSONALITY has been discovered and proven, to ORIGINATE and be CAUSED BY an 
axiomatic law of physics.  Therefore, it has been discovered that the 
Structural Model of Personality is a "HARD" law of science, not an "empiricl" 
or "experimental" law of science, and therefore, Psychology no longer and 
"empirical science" it is a "hard science".
        Now, finally, I would point out to you, that NO ONE, EVER, in the 
history of Psychology has ever proposed that the 3-axis, simple cartesian 
geometry of the body (and the brain) is the origin of the long sought for 
STRUCTURAL MODEL.  I am absolutely, the first, and only scientist in the 
history of the world to advance such a theory.  I defy you to cite one single 
scientific reference in the literature to such a theory, and you may trace the 
literature all the way back to Hippocrates.  I am the first, and therefore the 
DISCOVERER of this scientific fact.
        Now, I don't think I need to tell someone like you, "what is the 
importance of this", but for the uninitiated, let me quote the last few 
paragraphs from a letter which you may see in the "editorial comments" section 
on the PREP, Psychology Preprint Bulletin Board, briefly:
1.  Freud's Id, Ego, SrEgo and Libido are proven to be the L-sens, R-mot, 
R-sens and L-mot lobes of the brain.
2.  The Bicameral/2-Party system is CAUSED by the Str'l Model of Personality 
therefore the Russian BI/1P system is a flawed form of government.
3.  The Cross of Christianity represents the Cartesian Psychological Str. of 
the Brain, and
the 4-Gospel Canon (Matt, Mark, Luke and John) ARE the 4 canonical 
Personalities of the Structural Model of Personality.  This should effectively 
eradicate antisemitism from the Christian religion.
4.  All psychometric models, 2,3,4,5,6,7 factor, may be shown to be 
redactions/projections of the basic (cubic/cartesian) geometry of the brain.
5.  Thurstones Simple Structure (e.g. Varimax/Promax) is CAUSED by the 
increased density in the symmetry planes of the Cartesian Structure of the 
6.  Eysenck's and Gray's biological models are reconciled, proven and unified 
by the Cartesian Theory of the Brain
7.  The 4-Varnas of the Hindu Caste system are proven to be nothing more 
mysterious than a version of the BI/2P system, therby liberating a half a 
billion Hindiis from 3,000 years of bondage in the Caste system.
        The list goes on and on to include EVERY SINGLE major result in the 
field of Personality, please refer to my papers of PREP at 
Sincerely, George Hammond,  email  prep at unix.ccsnet.com

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