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George Hammond prep at unix.ccsnet.com
Tue Jan 23 15:33:02 EST 1996

Dear Dr. Micheal L. Russell:

I have picked up the following thread concerning my posting to ASSESS-P


You don't mean he was serious? I thought it was funny. In fact, I thought
it was INTENDED to be funny (along the lines of the Journal of
Polymorphous Perversity).

If it was a joke, then I will laugh, but this particular
individual was hyping his "PREP" service as a SERIOUS
pre-publication service, not a humor magazine.
He might have more of a market for a humor magazine...
I responded to this in light of his previous postings,
which indicated that he was serious, and that his
knowledge as a "physicist" somehow gave him special
insight not granted "soft" scientists.  If he was
joking the whole time, perhaps I have misjudged him.
--MLR (Dr. Michael L. Russell)


I have never heard of the Journal Science Structure.
It is not a Journal of the American Psychological Association
or American Psychiatric Association. I would enjoy hearing more
 of this journal, does it have something to do with Personality,
 or is it a physics journal? (MLR) (Dr. Micheal L. Russe)

This last comment was in reply to Professor Bird's evaluation of
my (claim):

I was fascinated to read your paper which purports to explain
personality differences in terms of physiology in three dimensions.  I
find the theory itself most interesting and further believe this is
exactly the sort of theory which is needed.
I am the editor of an electronic journal/discussion list which is
dedicated to  propagating new paradigms in science, called "Science
Structure."  We are part of the mailbase system in the UK (similar to
listserv) and I would be interested in  publishing a version of your
theory if you are willing. (Prof. R. Bird, ed. SCIENCE-STRUCTURE)

In response to this reaction on your part to my claim to have discovered
the Structural Model of Personality, let me clear up a couple of

1. I am serious, and hardly joking.
2. I'm afraid being a physicist HAS given me some insight into
the Str'l Model not granted to Psychologists.  I claim to be both
a Physicist AND Psychologist.
3. It is hard for me to believe, that any one at the Ph.D. level
(in any subject) could view my 2 papers on PREP (http://www.ccsnet.com/prep)
containing at least 200 bibliographic citations and 20 illustrations and
think that it was a JOKE!
4.  ASSESS-P is supposed to be, among other things, a psychometric discussion
group.  How could Ph.D's working in psychometry see 50 bibliographic
references in psychometry in a paper, and not by simply reading the names
of the authors, realize that the author of the paper is qualified in the
area of psychometry.
5. I can only assume that you don't have an Internet connected computer
and simply haven't SEEN the papers.
6. Prof. Bird's electronic journal is on the Web at:
(in England)
and contains hundreds if not thousands of papers written at the Ph.D
level and beyond, and a number of papers by him.  If he is editor of
that kind of an effort, I think his scientific opinion is, frankly, beyond
question.  He's right, about my paper(s), which he has obviously taken the
time to read.

Now, I frankly credit you with noticing and responding to my message which is
more than anyone else has done, and it certainly makes you as able a 
on the academic/Internet as anyone else we hear from.  So, I would like to
say a few words to you about my scientific claim:

First, I notice that you are interested in the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, 
I presume is a psychometric testing instrument, possibly for Personality.
At any rate it is a psychometric test which can be scored and compared to the
results of correlational analysis (probably factor analysis) which has been 
to generate and validate the test- I assume you are keenly familiar with all 
that.  While your fluent with it at the operational level, I'm only fluent
with it at the theoretical level.

However, ALL the general principles of Psychometry are contained, and
applied, in this one test, I'm sure.  So, the Cartesian Theory, which I
claim explains the Structural Model should be of interest to you vis a vis
THOSE established principles of Psychometry.

The Cartesian Theory, claims to explain the Psychometry of Personality.  The
Big-5 Model, the MMPI, Cattell's 16PF, Eysencks EPQ, the MPI... and in fact,
EVERY Personality questionnaire, lexicl (adjective) instrument, objective
tests etc.  This is what is relevant to a discussion on ASSESS-P, and which
makes claims on your turf, which is (apparently) Psychometry.

YES, the Cartesian Theory DOES claim that all Personality factors are
controlled by the FORNIX!  If you read my paper (on PREP) you will find that
Jeffrey A. Gray's biological model, called by him the Septohippocampal
system, IS centered directly in the middle of the Fornix.  Gray is head of
the Psychology Dept. at London University, 20 year collegue of Hans
Eysenck's and probably the worlds foremost neuropsychologist.  I would hate
to dispute him about it.  However, Gray has overlooked one thing, as my
paper points out.  The Fornix is bilaterally sysmetric (its an "X") and this
is what is causing his "X" result in Psychometry. His theory is "doubled"
because of this, according to the Cartesian Theory.  And I'd give a million
bucks to be a fly on the wall when Gray is reading my paper (wch. was
published by Pergamon in July '94, in NIP)

Well, this is getting lengthy, so let me simply assert, that YES, I have
discovered and PROVED the biological/theoretical origin of the Structural
Model.  I have published it, and now posted it on PREP so that you can read
it without going to the library.  I have spent 16 hours a day, for 13 years
doing it.  At ordinary salery rates thats upwards of one million dollars
that I have PERSONALLY expended doing it.  While you speak of your
grandfather, and probably have a home and a family of your own, I have
sacrificed my entire life, living in poverty, without home or family, in
order to deliver this, to apparently, an ungrateful humanity, I might add.

In short, I would appreciate from you, should you be interested, a more
direct, a more challenging query concerning the facts, and my claim to being
a world famous person and a benefactor of mankind.

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