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Mon Jan 22 13:38:16 EST 1996

In article <8B95179.012C05D8E3.uuout at mandic.com.br>, dihelson.mendonca at MANDIC.COM.BR (DIHELSON MENDONCA) writes:
|> FROM:Dihelson.Mendonca at mandic.com.br
|>     I'd like to know if by this time, have the scientists
|>     isolated the endogenous benzodiazepines.On other day,
|>     I was watching TV, when I heard that in the UNIVERSIDADE
|>     DO RIO GRANDE DO SUL, In BRAZIL, the scientists had 
|>     proved that the organism produces an endogenous benzo-
|>     diazepine, and the quimical structure looks like that of
|>     DIAZEPAN.Is it correct?, we really produce some DIAZEPAN?
|>     In other letter, I've seen someone saying that GABA was
|>     the natural benzodiazepine, if so, why, someone who ingest
|>     GABA doesn't become "calm" ? I personally used GABA (yes, we
|>     buy it in the drugstore, here, long time ago!) and it didn't
|>     make any apparent diference, on the contrary , I didn't
|>     feel very well...perhaps the endogenous benzodiazepine, only
|>     potencializes the GABA action.
|>     Waiting for answers:
|>     Dihelson Mendonca
|>     Dihelson.Mendonca at mandic.com.br
|> ___
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Some endogenous ligands for the benzodiazepin sites are called endozepins.
GABA is not an endogeneous BZD because the site of fixation, althought
homologous, is different. The GABA site is formed by the so-called 
"ABC loops" of beta subunits and "DE loops" of alpha subunits. The BZD
site is formed by the "ABC loops" of the alpha subunits and the "DE loops"
of the gamma subunits. BZD is an allosteric potentiator of GABA effect.

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