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George Hammond prep at unix.ccsnet.com
Fri Jan 19 03:15:36 EST 1996


Personality psychologists are aware that empirical research on the Structural 
Model of Personality (herein SMOP) is currently very advanced.  Eysenck's 
E,N,P, the Big-5, Cattell's 16PF are highly visible fixtures in today's 
literature.  Eysenck's and Gray's neuropsychological models are extremly well 
entrenched.  In fact, the case can be made that "empirically speaking", the 
Structural Model has been discovered.

THE PROBLEM is that an "empirical" result is only half a discovery- there's no 
theoretical explanation for it- in fact, it can be argued that there IS NO 
theoretical explanation of it- leastwise not one, simple, singular, pure, 
axiomatic explanation for it.

Lo and behold however, a NEW DISCOVERY has been made- made and PUBLISHED, in 
the refereed professional literature which claims that THERE IS, ONE, SIMPLE, 

The purpose of this message is to introduce Personality psychologists to this 
discovery.  Fortunately I do not need to present the theory here, a copy of my 
published paper can be viewed (fully illustrated) at PREP, the Psychology 
Preprint Bulletin Board, at:

WWW =   http://www.ccsnet.com/prep   (look in Category VIIc)

To wheten your appetite however, let me tell you this much here.  I am a 
theoretical physicist working in Psychology.  I have discovered that the SMOP 
is CAUSED BY THE SIMPLE 3-axis GEOMETRY (i.e. "cartesian geometry") of the 
brain.  This is not simply one of your handwaving eclectic tautologies, NO, it 
is a bona fide, hard science, proven, published, discovery.

Let me give you something to chew on.  The cartesian-binary cleavage of the 
egg produces the medial and central fissures of the brain.  These 4-lobes 
CAUSE Eysenck's E,N,P.  The Fornix is an "X" which connects these 4-lobes 
diagonally and CAUSES Gray's (diagonal) biological model (AnxD and ImpD).  
These 5-dimensions (3+2=5) CAUSE the clebrated Big-5 model.  (I will be 
reporting this as an invited speaker at the XXVIth annual Congress of 
Psychology in Montreal next summer).

So there, in one paragraph, I have explained the origin of Eysenck, Gray and 
the Big-5.  The rest of Personality theory is explained in my paper(s) which 
you can conveniently click to with your Web-browser, on PREP.

Yes, Mister Hammond, has discovered the biological origin of the Structural 

I would be fascinated in the extreme of course, in the comments of any 
Personality researcher who doubts the veracity of this historic claim- this 
historic calling card to history.

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