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CPR Adjunct could save brain damage?

Roger Cathey rsc at europa.com
Tue Jan 9 06:01:42 EST 1996

Hartford Van Dyke wrote the following, and submitted it to be 
recorded in the Office of the County 
Recorder, Clark County, Washington & in the Office of the 
County Coroner, Clark County, Washington, as well as making 
profuse copies to distribute to various and sundry emergency 
medical care facilities, hospitals, etc.

I would appreciate any feeback.

AMAC-CPR or CPR-WAM: (Ammonia Carbonate; With AMmonia)by Lyle 
Hartford Van Dyke, 

Reversal of Asphyxia and "Brain Death" (This notice is not 
copyrighted - Please reprint and distribute.)

Notice: To all CPR Medical Resuscitation Units and 
Anesthesiologists. (Dec. 5, 1995)


METHOD: Experimental--Involves use of smelling salts or some 
other source of ammonia gas as a stimulant in combination with 

PROBLEM:....snip....Carbon dioxide, in excess, blocks the flow 
of oxygen to the muscle cells and brain cells and thereby 
causes fatigue, cell asphyxiation, and brain biostasy.  Brain 
biostasy is a biostatic condition of the brain improperly 
termed "brain death".  If the biostatic condition becomes 
irreversable, then the condition would be properly termed 
"brain death".

SOLUTION: Ammonia, a gas, reacts with the above mentioned 
carbon dioxide to produce urea (carbamide) which is a normal 
waste product of the body and which is easily absorbed and 
carried off by the body fluids, thus reversing the PROBLEM 
stated above.

ACCESS: Ammonia can reach the brain by two access paths.  
Ammonia which is taken into the lungs can be absorbed and 
carried to the brain and other parts of the body by the blood 
stream.  Ammonia which is taken into the nose can be 
transferred directly to the frontal lobe of the brain from the 
upper sinus cavity, the brain's second respiratory 

SOURCES OF AMMONIA:  Smelling salts (active ingredient=ammonium 
carbonate, inactive ingredient=perfume), other ammonium salts, 
ammonium hydroxide or aqua-ammonia (also known as household 
ammonia), or any ammonia generator....snip....

WARNING: Ammonia gas combines with the water in the mucous 
membraines of the eyes, nose and throat to produce a base known 
as ammonium hydroxide which is caustic, meaning that it tends 
to decompose flesh.  Therefore avoid prolonged contact of 
ammonia gas with any moist area of the body.  Use ammonia very 
carefully, with great moderation, and preferably under medical 
supervision when application is medical, such as resuscitation.

RESOURCES:...snip....A general information package (Death vs 
Biostasy, about 35 pages plus updates) is available for ten 
dollars ($10) postpaid (please pay via money order) from: 
Resuscitation Information, c/o Hartford Van Dyke, P.O. Box 
3100, Battle Ground, Washington. 98604, or 
telephone(360)687-5680. [signed] Hartford Van Dyke, 95-12-13.

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