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CFP(2): Conference on Evolutionary Physiology

sci-news moderator Vlad. Levchenko science at ief.spb.su
Mon Jan 8 18:25:34 EST 1996


                       AND BIOCHEMISTRY

                  17-23  April, 96,  St.Petersburg

I (XI) International Meeting and the School on Evolutionary Physiology
     dedicated to the memory of academician L.A.Orbeli and to the
40-th anniversary of I.M.Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology
         and Biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
                        Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure in inviting You to participate in the Meeting and School
on Evolutionary Physiology to be held in Saint-Petersburg in April 17-23,
1996. The meeting and the School will be hosted by the I.M.Sechenov Institute
of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry and supported by the Russian
Foundation for Basic Research. The sessions of the meeting will be held at
I.M.Sechenov Institute building (Torez pr., 44). The Organizing Committee
will provide a shuttle bus.

The main directions of the scientific program of the Meeting and the School
include physiological, biochemical and structural basis of evolution of
functions. We invite you to submit a paper on the following topics:

1. Evolution of the nervous system:
   1.1. Integrative functions;
   1.2. Sensory functions;
   1.3. Innate and acquired forms of behavior;
   1.4. Systems of locomotor control.
2. Evolution of vegetative functions and homeostasis mechanisms.
3. Evolution of interaction between an organism and the environment.
4. Molecular basis of evolution of function:
   4.1. Molecular mechanisms of transduction of intra- and
        extracellular signals;
   4.2. Evolution of transport, energy-coupling and contraction
        mechanisms in cells with various types of specialization.

The official languages of the Meeting and School will be Russian and English.
We are planning to provide simultaneous translation if necessary. We hope on
your participation in the work of the Meeting and School.  Registration forms
and abstracts are to be submitted by January 19, 1996.

Chaiman of the Organizing Committee
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Address for correspondence: Meeting, I.M.Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary
Physiology and Biochemistry, Torez pr., 44, 194223, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Tel. (7-812) 552-79-01, FAX (7-812) 552-30-12,
E-mail: EVOL at IEF.SPB.SU

Registration fee of $150 for participants of the Meeting and $100 for School
students may be paid on-site. Unfortunately, the Organizing Committee can not
grant any financial support to cover travel, accommodation and living expenses.
However, we can send official letters of invitation on request if necessary
to apply for this support to your home or International Foundations.



1. Name ______________First name ____________Second name_________

2. Index of direction of the classification suggested (please encircle):
   1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2.

3. Preferred form of participation (please encircle):
   (a) lecture (30 min),
   (b) oral presentation (10-15 min),
   (c) poster,
   (d) discussion,
   (e) co-author of oral presentation or poster,
   (f) school student.

4. Scientific degree, academic rank _________________________________

5. Position _________________________________

6. Current affiliation:  a) country __________________________
               b) city, district  __________________________
               c) institution  _____________________________
               d) department _______________________________

7. We will Fax you (with a copy sent to the Russian Embassy in your country)
   an invitation letter for your visa application. We need your full name,
   passport number and expiration date, your position and address, date of
   birth and birthplace.

8. Telephone (including country and city codes)


9. Do you need reservation of the hotel (around $90 per night including
breakfast), please encircle:
     a) yes
     b) no

10. Address for correspondence


In case of several co-authors, each of them should fill the registration form.
The filled registration forms (SUPPLEMENT 1) and abstracts (SUPPLEMENT 2) are
to be sent by January 19, 1996. To facilitate prompt and correct preparation
of abstracts for printing, authors are requested to send all the materials by
postal mail (2 printed copies) along with the diskette containing the
corresponding files or download them to the Organizers' E-mail address.


Petrov A.A., Ivanov I.I. and Sidorov P.P.
I.M.Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of
the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Institute of
Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

     A. Rules for preparing the abstract sent by mail: The text of the
abstract should be printed (laser printer preferably) using single spacing
on A4 paper format and sent in duplicate. The text together with its title
should lie within the area of 170x240 mm (boundary lines are not drawn) and
be justified on both the left and right edges without hyphenation; the font
of the current "Rules for abstract...", i.e., Times New Roman, size 12, is
preferable. On the second copy signed by co-authors please write in the upper
right corner (outside the text area) the appropriate number of "Program
direction" and mark whether or not it has been sent by E-mail. The abstracts
will be photocopied and printed without editing.
     First line: TITLE OF THE ABSTRACT is printed in capitals. If longer
than one line, it may occupy several lines without indents and centering (do
not print period at the end).
     Next line, without indent: Author(s) name(s) and initials (Adams A.A.,
Smith I.I., etc).
     Next line, without indent: Name of Institution, City, Country (in case
of several institutions print their names in succession and print semicolon ";
" after the country; do not print period at the end).
     Next line (before the body of the text) leave blank.
     Next line - the beginning of the text. Start each new paragraph with
left indent (usual Tab=1.27 cm).

     B. Authors are requested to submit electronic versions in either of
the two following variants:
     a) on a standard MS-DOS formatted diskette (360K, 1.2M - 5.25"; 720K,
1.44M - 3.5"). Its root directory should contain files PF1.TXT, PF2.TXT etc. -
in accordance with the filled registration forms and TEZ1.TXT, TEZ2.TXT etc. -
containing abstracts of the first, second etc. participants of the Meeting.
Several registration forms and abstracts may be recorded on one diskette. Files
should contain text in a standard MS-DOS format (e.g, using Norton Editor).
Please avoid using any Text Editors such as ChiWrighter, Lexicon, Word etc.
     b) Authors can submit their registration forms and abstracts in ASCII
codes by E-Mail to the address: EVOL at IEF.SPB.SU (in addition but not instead
of the print-outs sent by ordinary mail).
     The rules to fill registration forms (Supplement 1) and prepare
abstracts (Supplement 2) in electronic files are as follows: (1) - each item
of the form is identified by its number; (2) - the number starts from the
first position and does not contain spaces; (3) - item contents is separated
from its number by one space; (4) - the text in forms and abstracts is not
justified; (5) - no hyphenation is used; (6) - the text contains only symbols
of the appropriate alphabet; (7) - the text may contain System TeX notations
for mathematical, chemical and other formulae.


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