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Picking up banana peels

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Sun Jan 7 13:11:50 EST 1996

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>Subject: Picking up banana peels
>Dear Editor Hammond,
>                     Still many researchers worldwide
>do sound research without access to WWW, and can re-
>ceive contact from WWW readers through e-mail. My
>personal impression, regarding many second- and third
>-world countries, is that many colleagues there (in-
>cluding us) attained e-mail because of an "excess of
>progressism".  It since become clearer that enabling WWW
>might conspire against sundry interests here; and consequen-
>tly the next step (full internet), I think, ought to await
>for much more time than that we waited for e-mail, the
>excess delay being of course not as much economic as
>a matter of worldwide politics.
>                       Though I can dwell upon this sub-
>ject over protracted lengths, I hope this short mention
>will induce you to try to establish a mean for allowing
>those colleagues with e-mail but not WWW, to post their
>preprints by e-mail into a list that you could then transfer
>to http://www.ccsnet.com/prep, and to answer by their e-mail
>the contacts made by their readers after reading the WWW BBS
>home page you inaugurated.
>                       Of course I read former mails from
>you to the Biosci@ list, but  I don't know if you have
>recently followed neur-sci at net.bio.net so as to know from
>what tradition I am writing to you.  This might be relevant
>because through those postings of mine you can already ha-
>ve an opinion on our works (if so, please share it) or not.
>Those postings somehow reflect the thematics and divulga-
>tion level of our works, which I would like very much to
>share with WWW-having colleagues though we only have e-mail.
>                        Surely you remember the tale of
>the man worrying for having only bananas to eat, interrumpt-
>ed in his mournings by those of a folk following him who
>cried for having no more than banana peels to pick up and
>eat. Well, as economists say, goods are scarce.  Could we
>collaborate into a good recipe to cook banana peels? 
>                          Best wishes,

       Prof. Mariela Szirko,
       <postmaster at neubio.sld.ar> 
       Centro de Investig. Neurobiologicas, Ministry of
Health & Welfare, Argentine Republic; and 
       Lab. of Electroneurobiological Res., 
Hospital "Dr. Jose Tiburcio Borda", Municipality of Buenos Aires,
       Office:  Phone/Fax (54 1) 306 -7314
                e-mail <postmaster at neubio.gov.ar>
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