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Key West Brain/Mind Neurofeedback Meeting Announcement

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Sun Jan 7 16:56:53 EST 1996

Key West EEG '96
4th Annual International  
Brain-Mind- EEG Biofeedback, Applied Neurophysiology 
Meeting, Colloquium, Spa, organized by Rob Kall
40+ speakers
February 9-13, 1996
Foundations Course (with Joel Lubar, Siegfried Othmer and Nancy White) Feb 8th
Register early and save.

"The premier meeting in the entire area of EEG biofeedback, and an
outstanding opportunity for in-depth interaction with the experts
 in the field."
    Joel Lubar, EEG pioneer, AAPB president Elect

Meet and hear outstanding speakers on the science of brain and EEG. Lots of 
smarts. Lots of talk, warm folks and warm weather. An exciting place to be."
Joe Kamiya, EEG feedback pioneer, past Biofeedback Society of America President

"..the best meeting in Neurofeedback I've yet attended." 
    Peter Rosenfeld ,   Past Pres AAPB

"It was exciting and fun for me." 
    Michael Hutchison, Author Megabrain Zones

"Where the old guard and the new guard meet. I wouldn't miss it."
	Tom Allen, co-founding sysop, Compuserve Mind/Body Sciences Forum, 
			Neurofeedback trainer

"The Key West Conference is quite simply the premier event in the world of EEG. 
 Where else can you talk with the leading clinicians, researcher and 
theoreticians in an atmosphere of shared respect and openness?  This is where 
you can find out the latest advances directly from the people who are making 
them, and enjoy the beach too -- if you can find the time!
Valdeane Brown, Clinical Psychologist, Neurofeedback Trainer

	Last year, our third seminar/meeting on Advanced EEG biofeedback
 topics was a phenomenal, quantum success. It exceeded past seminars in rave
 reviews. People called it the best EEG meeting, incredible, a wealth of 
information.., a wonderful collection of superlatives.  Last year we had to
book overflow last minute attendees in other hotels. This year, the limited 
conference space could force us to close registrations early. So sign up now
 to assure yourself a seat at the most exciting EEG meeting in history. 
	The first day is optional, with  6 hours of foundations in EEG. The
 next five days (over 36 hours) cover advanced topics-- the new ideas our 
presenters are just exploring, uncovering, or excited about. Our main goal is 
to go far beyond all the entry level seminars to create a stimulating advanced
 applications and integrated models environment for learning, discussion, 
networking and advancing this rapidly evolving powerful clinical field. 

 The 1996 meeting promises to be the best one ever.  We've had three years to
 figure out what makes for a fantastic meeting and the experience combined 
with growth in the field is adding up to something very special. 
	We will have a  record number of  speakers. 

1996 Schedule: breaks not listed Morning sessions end at 1:05 PM
Thursday February 8, 1996
9:00 Fndtns Course J. Lubar
1:15 Fdtns Course S. Othmer
3:00 Fdtns Course N. White
7-9 Optional Workshops
w-A-4 Peter Rosenfeld-Neurophysiological Foundations of  NeuroFB  for  Neurotherapists
w-B-4 Bob Thatcher workshop: Practical Applications of EEG Databases and Discriminant  Functions
w-C-4 Linda & Michael Thompson: Cognitive strategies, metacognitive strategies & NFBK: What they are and how to integrate them into NF neurofeedback training
w-D-4 Siegfried & Susan Othmer
 Affective disorders
2:00 -BCIA EEG Specialty Board  Test Item validation Exam (representing the fusion of ACN and BCIA)
Friday Feb 9th
7:30 Exhibits & registration 
8:00 Rob Kall Opening Remarks 
8:20 Karen Pape Music  as Biofeedback
8:35 Karl Pribram A  New Method  for  Analyzing EEG
9:30 Lynda Kirk & Seb Striefel Risk Mgmt, Profl Conduct, &  Ethical Guidelines in  EEG Neurotherapy 
10:10 Bob Thatcher New Advances in the Functional Imaging of The Brain
11:05 Bill Hudspeth  EEG Coherence Architectures: A Model for Assessment  & Rx
11:30 Brian Costello Integrating Biophysiological assessment  & careers
12:10 Paul  Swingle Treatment of Non-epileptic (pseudo) seizure disorder.
2:00 Optional Workshops
w-E-4 L-4 Mike Hutchison experiencing mind technologies
L-F-4 Barry Sterman   The  (SMR) Sensori- motor Rhythm:  Basic origins, Functional  significance, &  Methods for Training Control in Clinical   NF
W-G-2 Rollin McCraty  Measurement  of head/heart entrainment and heart rate variability.
W-H-2 Judith Lubar Integrating Neurofeedback for ADD with Other Psychological Interventions
6:30 exhibits open for one hour
7:00 Sue Othmer Eating Disorders
7:30 Victoria Ibric NF & hypertension
7:45  Alfonso Bermea EEG Neurotherapy in the Criminal Justice Sytem; a National update
8:15  Gary Schummer  NF & HIV
9:00-10:15 Technology Panel Discussion Dennis Campbell, Rob Kall, G. Blundell, J. Hoover, D. Joffe, T. Allen, F.  Deits, H. Toomim,  Hal Meyers, S. Othmer
Saturday:       ADD
7:30 Exhibits & registration
8:00  Les Fehmi The attention/brain activity connection
8:55  Joel Lubar: changes in EEG, learning curves,  effects of  medication, EEG training to enhance performance in normals, EEG patterns associated with  absorption in a complex task
10:05 Tom Allen  Integrating Neurofeedback and autonomic  training with ADD/ADHD, 
11:00 Thom HartmannAn anthropologic view of ADD  & options for EEG treatmnt  it suggests
11:45 Hershel Toomim What  changes in successful  NF?
12:10 Lynda & Michael Thompson Adults with  ADD; the key symptoms & use of  NeuroFB combined with metacognitive strategies.
2:00 optional workshops begin
w-KP-4 Karl Pribram  A  New Method  for  Analyzing EEG
w-J-4 Joel Lubar: ADD  neurotherapy  techniques
w-K-4 Les Fehmi: clinical  NF  & Open Focus Techniques for dissolving physical aned emotional pain & optimization of function
w-L-4 Len Ochs:  detailed discussion about the variables of importance in EDS tx & assessmnt.
6:30 exhibits open for 1 hour
7:00 Michael Linden Neurofeedback Screening & treatment strategies for  ADD adults
7:25 Julian Isaacs ADD & Alpha-theta training enhancers 
8:05 Martin Wuttke Integrating alternative therapies with EEG biofeedback
9:00 Grand Rounds- Paul Swingle: Chair
Sunday Feb 11
7:30 Exhibits & Registration
7:50 Siegfried Othmer peak performance
8:15 Jonathan Earle The Visionary Brain: Towards a Science of  Neurotheology
8:40 Terry Patten Consciousness 101:Rational Mysticism &  the Elusive Obvious
9:05 Rollin McCraty  Head/Heart Interactions
9:50  Richard Williams From Hickups to healing; psychophysiology of Faith Induction
10:45 Anna WiseThe high performance mind
11:40 Dennis Campbell  Establishing  an Optimal Performance Paradigm
12:10 Gary Schwartz & Linda Russek Energy Cardiology
1:05 afternoon break
2:00 optional workshops
w-M-4 Tom Allen A model for Integrating autonomic  arousal training with EEG BF  for  a continuum of  neurobehavioral disorders ranging from ADD through tourettes, OCD, Aspergers syndrome,  & autistic spectrum disorderss
w-N-2 Gary Schwartz & Linda Russek  Energy cardiology, 
w-P-2 Julian Isaacs: tAlpha theta  training latest techniques, tools & tip to enhance training
w-Q-2 Alfonso Bermea w-2 EEG Neurotherapy Moving into the Criminal Justice FIeld 
w-R-2 Gary Schummer  Self-Regulation  of  the Immune System
w-S-2 Brian Costello  Biobehavioral  careers assessment
w-AA-2 Brian Morrissey  Enhancing  mental performance with Brainwave training-- experiential WS
6:30 Exhibits (1 hour)
7:00  Frank Deitz  Mind Awareness Training
7:25 Mike Hutchison  High Dimensional Chaos in  NF: Direct Route to Peak Performance
8:35 Jim Hardt An example of the Kundalini experience as seen in multi channel EEG
9:00 Heart  Spirit & Peak Performance Panel Discussion 
7:45 Tom Budzynski  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome project, the 14 Hz bare bones migraine study,  the Ponce de Leon project 
8:40 Joe Kamiya  Understanding the human requires a new basic science, with       biofeedback its inner core.
9:50 Peter Rosenfeld 1) studies of  entrain ment" stimulation effects on EEG activity, 2) recent studies of EEG alpha asymmetry training on emotional and speech disorders. 
10:45 Rob Kall, Tom Allen Brain Mind in Cyberspace: going on-line: e-mail, CserveMind/Body Sciences forum, compuserve, creating a homepage on the Web, WEB  surfing, listerve & use-groups.
12:00 Barry Sterman Event related EEG responses; A new Dimension in Quantitative  EEG Evaluation
2:00 optional workshops
w-T-4 Tom Budzynski & Paul Swingle   Treatments adjunctive to neurotherapy: Preconscioius,  Sub and supra-threshold Audio, visual & Somato sensory  Driving of the EEG treatment protocols for a variety of disorderss
w-V-2 Seb Striefel & Lynda Kirk  Risk Management, Professional Conduct, & Ethical Guidelines in the new applications of EEG  NTx 
 w-W-2 Jonathan Earle: Fear  & loathing in the EEG lab
w-X-4 Valdeane Brown : A  5  step model of NeuroFB intervention
w-Y-2 Richard Williams Holonic Awareness training: Methods similar to Jacobson's progressive relaxation have been adapted for the training fo awareness. Participants will be iintroduced to a new system of attention exercises which can be used along with neurofeedback. The goal is to achieve attentional flexibility and a heightened awareness of an integrated self and world
w-Z-2 Jonathan Walker : closed head injury
7:00 PM Rob Kall The cash practice model
7:15 Gerald  Gluck Logistics of establisihing a hospital based  NF substance abuse tx  faciility.
7:40 David Noton EEG slowing disorders and Beta Frequency Photic Stimulation
8:05 Geoffrey Blundell Low EEG  frequencies  what is often referred to as "Delta" and is clearly not, because the subject is wide awake.
8:30 Valdeane Brown 1)Home training and other approaches,  NF and immune function (CFIDS, Lymes Disease
9:05 Panel Discussion
8:00Joseph Horvat  closed head injury assessment
8:30 Jonathan Walker Closed Head Injury   Trtmnt 
9:00 Len Ochs Information, Stimulation, and the Brain (with chronic CNS dysfunction)
10:20  Steve Wall
11:20Vlad Tokarev Brain Blood flow neurofeedback  11:45 David Joffe 
12:10 Brian Morrissey Enhancing Intellectual Performance through Brainwave Technology  12:35-1:00 Sean  Adam First public presentation of  5 yr, 500 +subject, $6 million study re: Brainwave frequencies in top corporate executives  Video showing  of  EEG/Light -Sound equipment used to increase  IQ
1:00 Goodbye "reception" food & drink

-Meeting: Latin American Biofeedback Assoc.  day & time to be announced

 As in the past, I expect our evening (sometimes turning into late night) panel discussions to be hilights of the meeting. One panel will be on integrating spirit and technology (Anna Wise, Richard WIlliams, Val Browne, Rob Kall, Pat Norris and more) ANother will be on instrumentation-- with Hal Meyers, Jan Hoover, Frank Deits, David Joffe, Geoffrey Blundell.

As always, the earlier you register the more you save on registration. 
The goal: 1)to bring together many of the leaders in the field to share and cross fertilize ideas 
2)to offer a meeting with content that goes beyond the basics, exploring applications, techniques, questions, challenges and concepts that are not ordinarily addressed in the foundations courses commonly sponsored.
3)to hold the meeting in a tropical, fun place where we also have time to relax with stimulating company. The colloquium is scheduled so no advnaced sessions are scheduled in the afternoon (morning and eveinging lectures.
. Topics include: Assessment and treatment of: A.D.D.,  Brain Mapping, Alcoholism, Addictions, Closed Head Injury, PTSD, synchrony training, immune function, pain management,  Depression, Anxiety, Tourettes Syndrome, Epilepsy, Stroke Rehab,   group EEG, Enhanced Performance and Attention. Why EEG biofeedback works. Case histories, Consciousness, Photic Brainwave Entrainment, light therapy, subliminal treatment procedures, Neurobiological models, training approaches and techniques, practice management strategies,, New Research findings, Reference databases, Psychoneurotherapy, integrating into a psychotherapy practice.	

"This is one of the best, most exciting workshops I have ever attended. 
The six days here were jam packed with information." D. L Ph.D.  psychologist

"...a true gathering of the tribe. Anyone with a sincere interest in EEG 
neurotherapy can get valuable information at this meeting."

".. excellent information/inspiration-- a delightful Key West Serendipity.
 "The in-depth presentations and willing- ness to share of the presenters is 
out- standing."  Pat Norris past AAPB pres

"Best Conference for leaders, innovators."
Angelo Bolea, Psychologist

"Key West was the best meeting in Neurofeedback I've yet attended." 
Peter Rosenfeld , NW Univ.,  Researcher, Past Pres Biofeedback Society of America

"The workshops allowed a  communication  forum for clinicians and 
researchers to get together and share what's going on in EEG training. 
This was done in a friendly environment (warm climate too) in which 
information that was given encouraged us in the field to assist in future 

-It was really special and exciting : very rich, very diverse and extremely 
educational. Your organization was superb. THe content of subjects was very 
enriching and enlightening; the atmosphere was beautiful. 
Strengths: Calibre of speakers, and the open discussion in sessions & in the
- corridor about the whole human and spiritual aspect of EEG. Bottom Line: 
Illuminating, Fascinating-- Wonderful experience. Well Done. 
Yael & Jeremy Langford,  Israeli Neurotherapists

Hotel Reservations  through Key West Holiday Inn 305-294-2571
 We recommend you fly into Miami, rent a car and drive to Key West.

FUTUREHEALTH, Inc. 3171 Rail Ave. Trevose PA 19053
215-364-4445, fax 215-364-4447, 
internet: 74354,654 at compuserve.com (contact here forr Homepage URL, which will 
be changing soon)
temporary homepage address: http://doc.web.compuserve.com:2000/homepages/smile

Registration form: Register Early for the best Rates*    
Advanced Meeting (32 hrs CE): $650 on-site,  $525 by 12/15/95,  
	$550 before 1/1/96, $595 by 1/15/96, $599  by 1/31/96, 
($165/day, 3 consec days/$450, 5 days for $650)
Foundations course (6 hrs CE): On Site $225   $185 before 1/1/96, 
	$200 before 1/15.  After 1/15/94 $210 
Combination Advanced Meeting & Foundation Course: $799 on site 
	$625 by 12/15/95, $650 by 12/31/95, $695  by 1/15/96, $750 by 1/31/96 

Optional Workshops Additional fee:
Pre-register for  workshops 2 hour workshops are $40 & 4 hr workshops 
are $75 before the meeting, and $50 and $90 on-site. You can pre-register for 
workshops  without specifying the one you'll attend and get full credit back if 
you choose, with no cancellation fee on optional workshops. )
*-Registration fees include cash/check discount. Add 3% for MC/VISA/AMEX
*-Only one discount  offer per registration. Discounts cannot be combined.
*- Cancellation Charges: $50 before 12/15/95, $100 before 1/20/96,
 $275 before 2/7/96. 
	No refund after 2/7/96
Combined EEG and EMG meeting Reg. deduct 10% from EMG Mtg fee. 
Hotel Reservations  through Key West's  Holiday Inn Beachside 305-294-2571 
We recommend you fly into Miami, rent a car, and drive to Key West. It's a 3.5 hour 
drive over blue water and tropical islands, but only if you do it during the day. 


city__________________state_____ zip______


payment by check,  AMEX, VISA, MC



Total $______________incl 3% CC surcharge if applic  

P.S. The weekend preceding this meeting the first International Clinical Surface EMG meeting will Be held. 
Tentative speakers include:

John Basmajian, Gideon Ariel, Bernard Brucker, BOb Clasby & Dan Skubick, Richard Gevirtz,  Barbara Headley,
David Hubbard, Carrie Hall,  Glen Kasman, Mosche Meyerowitz, Susan Middaugh,  
Elsayed El-Moty, Erik Peper,  Serge Roy, Richard Sherman, Steve Wolf

Meeting Organizer, Rob Kall
3171 Rail Ave, Trevose PA 19053
215-364-4445 fax 215-364-4447
smile at cis.compuserve.com

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