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Etha Schlemermeyer etha at genectr.hunter.cuny.edu
Fri Jan 5 10:38:47 EST 1996

grandcha at cmu.unige.ch (Keneth Grandchamp) wrote:
> GAMMA-OH(Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate):The First Authentic Anti-Depressant (4)
> -----------------
> Recently,the whole world was brainwashed by Lilly Company with a severe 
> blitzkrieg propaganda on an allegedly "new" anti-depressant called fluoxetine 
> or Prozac.Lilly lied when it presented Prozac as being the "first" marketed 
> anti-depressant of a "new" generation!The first marketed anti-depressant of 
> this new family of anti-depressants called the "SSRI" was ZIMELIDINE marketed 
> by Astra,in Europe,as Normud,and developped in Scandinavia.Zimelidine was 
> followed by INDALPINE in France(Upstène)and then by FLU
> VOXAMINE in Holland(Floxyfral).
>y doing 
dea as 
>n opposite 
> way as the SSRI but,still,instead of inducing depressions cure depressions! In 
> the naive understanding of serotonin in depression such 
> a fact cannot be understood...We will explain later on why tianeptine is,in 
> fact,an anti-depressant and even the FIRST authentic serotoninergic 
> anti-depressant!
> So we are left with the morally unacceptable fact that America has banned 
> superior european anti-depressants because the same equivalent products did 
> not yet exist in America.

I somewhat disagree because Zimelidine and Fluoxetine
in no way do the same thing. They act on different
receptors/carriers and can not be compared as similar
drugs and should not be expected to have the same


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