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IFSA '95, Brazil, Fuzzy Logic in Biomedical Engineering

Bill Thompson wgthom at gandalf.rutgers.edu
Mon Sep 26 19:10:21 EST 1994

Dear Colleague:

In the upcoming Sixth International Fuzzy Systems Association World Congress
to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 22-28, 1995, a special session on 
FUZZY LOGIC in BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING" will be held to highlight this 
emerging technology.

On behalf of the organization committee, I am pleased to invite you to submit 
a paper to this session. If you are interested in participating in 
this conference, please reply by e-mail (akay at gandalf.rutgers.edu) or
phone me at (908) 445-4906 as soon as possible. You can send your paper
directly to me.

 Looking forward to hearing from you.

 Metin AKAY, Ph.D.
 Biomedical Engineering Dept.
 Rutgers University
 P.O.Box. 909
 Piscataway, NJ 08855-0909
 Phone: (908) 932 4906
 Fax: (908) 235 7048 
 e-mail: akay at gandalf.rutgers.edu

cc. Donna Hudson, Ph.D.
The Area Chair for Health Sciences, Biology, and Psychology

				IFSA '95  

	Sixth International Fuzzy Systems Association World Congress

			    Sao Paulo-Brazil

			    July 22-28, 1995


			 First Call for Papers

The International Fuzzy Systems Association is pleased to announce the
sixth IFSA World Congress (IFSA '95) to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil,
from July 22nd to 28th, 1995. The goals of the congress are twofold;
the first is to encourage communication between researchers throughout
the world whose research either draws support from, or complements, the
theory and applications of fuzzy sets related models. The second goal
is to explore industrial applications of fuzzy systems technology to
make systems more convenient. The theme of IFSA '95 is "New Frontiers",
aiming at enlarging the horizons of research in fuzzy sets beyond its
traditional areas.

The congress is divided into 7 main topical areas, whose themes include, 
but are not limited to, the theory or applications in the topics listed
below with the respective area chairs.

Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts for consideration by
the program committee. Four copies of 4-page extended abstracts, one
paper submission form, and one cadastration form filled for each author,
should be sent to the secretariat (see address below) before November
1st, 1994. Fax submissions will not be accepted. The proceedings will 
contain the final versions of refereed papers, prepared on camera-ready 
sheets. For any further inquires, please send a message to ifsa95 at dep.fem.unicamp.br.


. Tutorials             July 22 - 23, 1995 
. Conference            July 24 - 28, 1995 
. Demonstrations        July 22 - 28, 1995 


. Reception of 4 copies of 4-page extended abstracts;  
  1 cadastration form for each author;
  and 1 paper submission form 		  		 -  November 1st, 1994 
. Notification of acceptance 		                 -  February 1st, 1995  
. Reception of final camera ready copy for proceedings	 -  April 1st, 1995  
Address :       INPE/Setor de Eventos/ IFSA'95
		Av. dos Astronautas, 1758 - Caixa Postal 515
		12201-970 Sao Jose' dos Campos - SP - Brazil

Phone:          +55-123-418977

Fax:            +55-123-218743

To subscribe to IFSA'95 mailing list please send a message to :

		listserv at cesar.unicamp.br

In the body of the message please write "subscribe IFSA95" along with your name, in a line by itself.

For further information please contact : 

		ifsa95 at dep.fem.unicamp.br 


General Chairman :     		Armando Rocha (Brazil)  
Vice Chairman :        		George Klir (USA)

Honorary Chairman :        	Lofti Zadeh (USA)
Honorary Vice-Chairmen:		J. Bezdeck (USA)
				D. Dubois (France)
			  	E. Sanchez (France)
			   	T. Terano (Japan)
			  	H.-J. Zimmerman (Germany)
Steering Commitee Chairwoman :  Sandra Sandri (Brazil)
Scientific Board Chairman :     Fernando Gomide (Brazil)
Local Arrangements Chairman :   Marcio Rillo (Brazil)


Artificial Intelligence - Ronald Yager (USA)
	Approximate Reasoning, Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Representation, 
	Expert Systems Design, Natural Language Issues, Decision Making, 
	Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition, Distributed AI, Genetic 
	Algorithms, Artificial Life, Evolutionary Systems, and other related 

Engineering - Kaoru Hirota (Japan)
	Fuzzy Control, Hybrid Control, Industrial Robots, Intelligent 
	Robotics, Industrial Systems, Fuzzy Petri Nets, Manufacturing, 
	and other related topics.
Mathematical Foundations - Peter Klement 
	Non-Classical Logics, Category Theory, Analysis Algebra and 
	Topology, Functional Equations, Fuzzy Measures, Approximation Theory,
	Evidence Theory & Probability & Statistics, Relational Equations,  
	and other related topics.

Information Sciences - Henri Prade (France)
 	Automata, Fuzzy Grammars, Formal Languages, Information Retrieval, 
	Fuzzy Databases, Distributed Data Bases, Information Theory, 
	Distributed Soft-Computing, and other related topics.

Health Sciences, Biology, Psychology - Donna Hudson (USA)
	Medical Diagnosis, Intelligent Patient Monitoring, Laboratory
	Intelligent Systems, Applications in Molecular Biology, Physiology,
	Pharmacology, Perception, and other related topics.

Neural Nets and Hardware - Takeshi Yamakawa (Japan)
	Neural Nets, System Identifications by Neural Networks,   
	Neural Chips, Hardware Implementations of Neural Networks, 
	Fuzzy Hardware and Fuzzy Logic Computers Implementation,
	Novel Devices for Neural & Chaotic Systems, and other related topics. 

Fuzzy Systems - J.L. Verdegay (Spain)
	Fuzzy Linear and Non-linear Programming, Multiple Objective Decision 	
	Making, Fuzzy Mathematic Programming, Multiple Criteria Decision, 
	Multi-person Decision Making, Operational Research, Management, 
	Economic Systems, Fuzzy Databases, Distributed Data Bases, and other 
	related topics. Also, papers not classified in the above areas.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Last Name ____________________________________________________________

First name ___________________________________________________________

Organization/Affiliation _____________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________


Zip/Postal Code _____________________ City ___________________________

Country ______________________________________________________________

Telephone  ___________________________________________________________

Fax __________________________________________________________________

E-mail address  ______________________________________________________

1a)  Do you intend to submit a paper at the conference ? Yes __  No __
1b)  As main author ?    Yes __  No __
2)   Do you intend to attend the conference ?    Yes __  No __

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Title ________________________________________________________________

Authors ______________________________________________________________

Reader at the conference _____________________________________________

Area of the paper (please mark only one option)

[ ] Artificial Intelligence                  
[ ] Engineering                         
[ ] Mathematical Foundations                       
[ ] Information Sciences                       
[ ] Health Sciences, Biology, Psychology
[ ] Neural Nets and Hardware       
[ ] Fuzzy Systems         

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