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Reckless speculation--Are you out of your mind?

Richard E. Cytowic MD p00907 at psilink.com
Wed Mar 30 15:39:48 EST 1994

In reply to a fascinating post about unilateral goosbumps in response 
to stimuli in different modalaties, we get the following:

>DATE:   28 MAR 94 18:01:06 GMT
>FROM:   jtaenzler at vax.clarku.edu
>Have you ever had some sort of brain imaging?  Sounds like you could have
>some sort of (congentital?) dysfunction of a lateral commissure (i.e.,
>anterior commisure or a section of the corpus collossum).  Just an opinion,
>not a diagnosis..................

	Are you out of your mind? Several peeves here, none of them pet:
1) The unthinking rush to imaging technology, as if that would give a 
better "answer" than thoughtful reflection. The word diagnosis means 
"through knowledge," not technology. Machines are superb--but not when 
they're used for fishing expeditions.

2) The anterior commissure and callosum perform different functions, 
and have different evolutionary histories. Does EITHER have anything to 
do with hypothalamic, autonomic outflow (which is the subject of the 
earlier post)? Your opinion is stupendously misplaced.

	The lady who ventured to share her experience in the original 
post deserves better than this kind of thoughtless, reckless, and 
potentially frightening reply.

My aphorism for today:
	Opinion is best when backed with knowledge, taste, 
and honerable intention.

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