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Lateralization in Non-human Primates?

Eric Wassermann ewass at helix.nih.gov
Thu Mar 24 10:16:19 EST 1994

In article <Mar23.171544.50503 at acs.ucalgary.ca>, jdbecker at acs.ucalgary.ca
(Jason Dean Becker) wrote:
> Does anybody know of any research that indicates that non-human
> primates are lateralized? 
> I have been reviewing the literature on the posterior parietal 
> lobe and have found that although many investigators agree that 
> damage to the monkey inferior parietal lobule (IPL; area 7 or PG)
> results in trimodal inattention/ unilateral neglect [this same 
> syndrome is readily produced in monkeys with damage in the
> arcuate region of the frontal lobe] none of them
> report that it occurs with damage to ONLY one side or the other.
> In humans unilateral neglect almost invariably occurs with damage
> to the non-dominant IPL resulting in a neglect of the LEFT
> side-of-space and body. Damage to the same area on the dominant
> hemisphere does not result in neglect of the RIGHT side-of-space
> or body. This is easily explained by acknowledging that
> Wernicke's Area occupies this position and damage here results in
> receptive aphasia.
> I look forward to your comments; references will be greatly
> appreciated.
> Jason Becker

Randy Nudo and others published a nice study in the last few years
correlating hand preference for various activities with intracortical
microstimulation maps of motor cortex in monkeys.
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