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roger at anatsg1.unil.ch (Roger DuBois) writes:

>  Weird animals really when you
> can heard them into shallow water and beat them to death with baseball
> bats...there are not to many species so "docile".   Considering the ease
> with which they swim it is a surprise that we have hunted they whales and 
> dolphins to the point of extinction with spears!!!!!!  And then just when
> you think they have got their act together they crash into a beach somewhere
> and start swimming inland!

Of course an inteligent species observing us humans and our often
"docile"  and self destructive behaviour might also wonder: Soldiers as
cannon fodder throughout the centuries, the victims of Nazi death
camps,  or more recently Rawandans and Haitians. Dolphins have no
monopoly on seemingly pointless docility and self destruction.

Sorry if I wrecked your silly mood. I'm not usually so serious :-) 

keep chuckling 

- Joe Pullara

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