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Donald Graft dgraft at inca.gate.net
Fri Feb 18 23:02:41 EST 1994

In article <2k1clt$nr4 at xap.xyplex.com> keyes at XANADU.XYPLEX.COM writes:
>   Hi I'm new here so I hope I'm posting in the right place. I've beenHi iI'm
>reading about transmigration (the downloading of a mind from one "hoston
>to another "host") I am currently reading Great Mambo Chicken and the 
>Transhuman conditoin by Ed Regis. This is my question on p 5 He says
>"Moravec's (Hans Moravec who thought this up) plan was to read out the
>information stored inside a human brain and load it into a computer 
>outside the body. In the end, that person would become that computer."
>if somebody Deleted/reformatted that computer would it be murder??de
>If yes/no why??
>Please just don't say there would be safe gruards too many ways around them.
>Thanks Mike
>email: MFkeyes at mfg.xyplex.comlex.com

uhhhh...if you want to discuss the definition of "murder", you should
try out rec.food.veg !  :>

I think this group prefers science to science fiction.

Donald Graft

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