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Modeling *Biological* Mechanisms

Jacques.Brisson at HEC.CA Jacques.Brisson at HEC.CA
Fri Nov 26 07:20:14 EST 1993

In article <9311070125.AA22858 at ascc01.ascc.att.com> hughs at ascc01.ascc.att.com (H

ugh Spinks - CCC) writes:
>After scanning hundreds of network newsgroup exchanges
>including those for "neuroscience" and visiting countless
>ftp sites, I can find virtually no references to neuronal
>modeling emphasizing biological mechanism(s) rather
>than artifical implementations (neural nets, generally).
>I'm interested in using computational methods to probe the
>"inner workings" of single neurons (or small nets of neurons).
>I'm more interested in using machines to understand biological
>mechanisms than using biological models to build machines.
>(Certainly the two approaches *can* be complimentary!)
>Why are there so few materials and discussions on this topic? Is
>it because the problem is too poorly understood or because the results
>are not expected to be worth the required effort?
This topic seems to periodically recur on this list. Please take a look
at the november issue (or is it october?) of Trends in Neurosciences. This
is a special issue on Modeling the Nervous System. As for biological models,
you should take a look at Genesis (the General Purpose Neural Simulator from
Caltech). It is accessible via a anonymous-ftp. There is plenty biological-
stuff to play with ! Have fun.
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 oops! the TINS issue I was refering to was in 1992 not 1993.

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