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Looking for C. elegans pictures...

Jeffrey Yuan yuan at phoenix.princeton.edu
Thu Nov 4 15:30:34 EST 1993

Subject: Looking for C. elegans pictures...
From: Mark Routbort, routbort at neuro.duke.edu
Date: 3 Nov 93 21:59:57 GMT
In article <23022 at news.duke.edu> Mark Routbort, routbort at neuro.duke.edu
>I'm a first-year neurobiology graduate student planning on presenting a
>(for a seminar practice course) on some of the recent work on the
>system in worms.  Since this is a topic I have absolutely no background
in, and
>nobody at this institution works on C. elegans, I was wondering if
anybody on
>the net might know where I can find some nice pictures of this nematode
to use
>in my presentation.  The Cold Spring Harbor book on the biology of C.
>doesn't really have what I'm looking for in terms of making the worm
>EXCITING to all the bird/mammal folk here.
>Thanks for your attention.
>Mark Routbort
>routbort at neuro.duke.edu

I have two references that might help what you are doing. (I am not a
neurobiologist, though do play with C. elegans)

1) J.G. While, Southgate, E., Thomson, J. and Brenner. S. (1986). The
Structure of the nervous system of the nematode C. elegans. 
Philosophical Trans. of The Royal Society of London. 314. pp 1-340.

While this is a very large article (actually the whole volume) it
provides the complete neural wiring diagram for the worm and all the cell
body positions.  It has some very nice camera lucida drawings , and
electron micrographs.

2)J. Sulston and Horvitz, H.R. (1977). Post-embryonic cell lineages of
the nematode, C. elegans.  Developmental Biology. 56, pp 110-156.

This is one of the classic papers in developmental biology of the worm. 
It discusses in detail the various lineages, their fates and has a
complete fate map of the worm.

If you have gopher access, you can access ACeDB, which is a large
database on C. elegans.  The gopher site it is at presently eludes my
memory.  The C. elegans Genetics Center at the University of Minnesota
also has a gopher site.  I hope this a start.  The worm is a great
organism to work on (I am a bit biased).

Jeffrey Yuan

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