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David Brockman Wheeler dwheeler at leland.Stanford.EDU
Wed Nov 3 13:49:30 EST 1993

>>Just as an aside here, are voltage channels (in mammals at least) ever
>>involved in conveyance of impulses from one neuron to another, or are
>>they involved only in propagation of action potential (and dendritic

>        Voltage-gated channels propogate the action potential
>	- they can not directly participate in synaptic transmission
[snip, snip]

I would like to point out that voltage gated Ca2+ channels in the presynaptic
membrane, that open in response to depolarization (eg action potential), allow
Ca2+ to flow into the presynaptic terminal. This influx of Ca2+ is the main
and essential trigger for vesicle fusion and, hence, neurotransmitter release.
Therefore, IMHO, voltage gated channels are *centrally* involved in the 
"conveyance of impulses from one neuron to another"!

Just my too sense d:^)

David B. Wheeler
MD/PhD year 3/8+
Stanford Med 

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