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Reading List on Research into Hypnosis (long)

Todd I. Stark stark at dwovax.enet.dec.com
Fri Jul 30 17:54:03 EST 1993

	I compiled this bibliography of reading material related to
	research into hypnosis and hypothesized 'unusual states of mind'
	in general from various perspectives.  It was intended for the
	last chapter of the alt.hypnosis research FAQ, but it seemed
	to me it might be of interest on its own.   It is not annotated.

	For what it's worth ... comments or additions welcome.


	A Selected Bibliography
		* = particularly highly recommended.

	Index of bibliography sections :

		A.  Selected Periodicals (14 entries)

		B.  Edited Overviews of General Theories of Hypnosis
			(5 entries)

		C.  Specific Topics Related to Research into Hypnosis.

			1.  General single-author overviews, non-special-state 
				views, social and experimental views
					(10 entries)

			2.  On state-specific theories, dissociation, and 
				multiple personality (22 entries)

			3.  The Communications Perspective : Milton Erickson, 
				Neurolinguistic Programming, etc.. (6 entries)

			4.  Hypnosis, volition, mind control, abuse of 
				hypnosis.  Also legal aspects and psychology 
				of coercion (17 entries)

			5.  The Human Mind in Science (Consciousness, 
				Intentionality, the "Unconscious Mind" from 
				diverse perspectives in science and philosophy 
				of science) (23 entries).

			6.  Belief, Faith, and Knowledge.  Interpreting 
				Reality Under Extraordinary Circumstances;
				Social and Cultural Factors in 	Perception
				and Cognition (various viewpoints, ranging 
				from biological and physiological to social 
				and cultural) (26 entries).

			7.  Psychosomatics, "Mind-Body" effects, Biofeedback,
				Misc. Physiological Effects in "Altered States."
				(19 entries)

			8.  Hypnosis and Pain Control (8 entries)

			9.  The Role of Imagination and Fantasy in
				Hypnosis and Altered States (11 entries)

			10. The Reliability of Hypnotic Recall (8 entries)
A.  A brief list of technical journals which frequently publish hypnosis 
	research or have published articles of great historical importance :

	1.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology
	2.  International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis
	3.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
	4.  Psychological Review
	5.  Psychological Bulletin
	6.  Behavioral and Brain Sciences
	7.  American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
	8.  American Psychologist
	9.  Science
	10. Psychosomatic Medicine
	11. Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases
	12. Journal of Behavioral Medicine
	13. Archives of General Psychiatry
	14. Psychiatry

B.  Edited collections of diverse viewpoints.

       *1.  Lynn, Stephen, and Judith Rhue (eds.),1991,"Theories of Hypnosis :
		Current Models and Perspectives," N.Y.:Guilford Press.

	2.  Fromm, E. and R.E. Shor (eds.), 1979, "Hypnosis : Developments
		in Research and New Perspectives," Chicago:Aldine.

	3.  Tinterow, M.M. (ed.), 1855 (1970), "Foundations of Hypnosis," 
		Springfield, Il.: Charles Thomas.

	4.  Lecron, L.M. (ed.), 1954, "Experimental Hypnosis," Macmillan.

	5.  Naish, P.L.N. (ed.), 1986, "What is hypnosis ?  Current Theories
		and Research," Philadelphia: Open University Press.

C.  General overviews by single authors and important or useful articles
	addressing specific major issues related to hypnosis.

	1.  General single-author overviews, non-special-state views, social and
		experimental views.

	       *a.  Bowers, K.S., "Hypnosis for the Seriously Curious"

		b.  Barber, Theodore X., Spanos, Nicholas P., and Chaves, 
			John F. (1974) 	Hypnosis, Imagination, and Human 
			Potentialities.  Pergamon.

		c.  Spanos, N.P. and J.F. Chaves (eds.), 1989,
			"Hypnosis: The Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective,"
			N.Y., Prometheus Press.

	       *d.  Barber, T.X., 1969, "Hypnosis: A Scientific Approach,"
			N.Y.: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

		e.  Spanos, N.P., 1986, "Hypnotic Behavior : A Social-
			-Psychological interpretation of amnesia, analgesia,
			and 'trance logic,'" _Behavioral and Brain Sciences_,

		f.  Wagstaff, G.F., 1981, "Hypnosis, Compliance, and Belief,"
			N.Y.:St. Martins Press.

		g.  Hull, Clark L., 1933, "Hypnosis and Suggestibility:
			An Experimental Approach," Appleton-Century-Crofts.

		h.  Sarbin, Theodore and William Coe, 1972, "Hypnosis,"

		i.  Weitzenhoffer, Andre, 1953, "Hypnotism : An Objective
			Study in Suggestibility," N.Y.: Wiley.

		j.  Bowers, K.S., and Thomas M. Davidson, 1991,
			"A Neodissociative Critique of Spanos' Social
			 Psychological Model of Hypnosis," in Lynn and Rhue,
			_Theories of Hypnosis_, 1991, N.Y.: Guilford Press,
			pp. 105-143.

	2.  On state-specific theories, dissociation, and multiple personality.
	       *a.  Hilgard, Ernest R., 1977, "Divided Consciousness: Multiple 
			Controls in Human Thought and Action," John Wiley & 

		b.  Spanos, Nicholas P. (1986) "Hypnosis, Nonvolitional 
			Responding and 	Multiple Personality: A Social 
			Psychological Analysis," in Brendan A. Maher and 
			Winifred B. Maher (editors), Progress in 
			Experimental Personality Research, vol. 14, pp. 1-62.  
			Academic Press.  (Critical of dissociation theory).

		c.  White, R.W., 1941, "A Preface to a Theory of Hypnotism,"
			_The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology_.

		d.  White, R.W., and B.J. Shevach, 1942, "Hypnosis and the
			Concept of Dissociation," _Journal of Abnormal and
			Social Psychology_, 37:309-328.

		e.  Hilgard, E.R., 1991, "A Neodissociation Interpretation
			of Hypnosis," in Lynn and Rhue (eds.), _Theories
			of Hypnosis_, N.Y.:Guilford Press, pp. 83-104.

		f.  Fischer, Roland, "State-Bound Knowledge," Aug. 1976,
			_Psychology Today_, 10, pp. 68-72.

		g.  Prince, Morton, 1957, "The Dissociation of a Personality,"
			N.Y.:Meridian Books.

		h.  Thigpen, Corbett and Hervey Cleckley, 1957,
			"The Three Faces of Eve," N.Y.: McGraw Hill.

		i.  Putnam, F., 1984, "The Psychophysiological Investigation
			of Multiple Personality Disorder," 
			_Psychiatric Clinics or North America_, 7:31-39.

		j.  Goleman, D., 1988, "Probing the Enigma of Multiple
			Personality," _N.Y. Times_, June 28, pp. C1,C13.

		k.  Braun, B., 1983, "Psychophysiologic Phenomena in Multiple
			Personality and Hypnosis," _American Journal of 
			Clinical Hypnosis_, 26:124-135.

		l.  Coons, P.M. et al., 1982, "EEG Studies of two 
			multiple personalities and a control," 
			_Archives of General Psychiatry_, July, 39:823.

	       *m.  Bliss, E., 1984, "Spontaneous Self-Hypnosis in Multiple
			Personality Disorder," _Psychiatric Clinics of
			North America_, 7:137.

		n.  Humphrey, N. and D.C. Dennett, 1989, 
			"Speaking for Ourselves: An Assessment of Multiple
			Personality Disorder," _Raritan_, 9: pp. 68-98.

		o.  O'Regan, B. and T. Hurley, 1985, "Multiple Personality :
			Mirrors of a New Model of Mind ?," 
			_INvestigations_, Institute of Noetic Sciences.

		p.  Ross, C.A. (1989) Multiple Personality Disorder: Diagnosis,
			Clinical Features, and Treatment.  John Wiley and Sons

		q.  Putnam, F.W.(1989) Diagnosis & Treatment of Multiple
			Personality Disorder. Guilford Press.

		r.  Kluft, R.P & Fine, C.G. (eds) (1993) Clinical Perspectives
			on Multiple Personality Disorder.  American 
			Psychiatric Press.

		s.  Lowenstein, R.J. (guest editor) The Psychiatric Clinics of
			North America, Special volume on multiple personality
			disorder, September, 1991 (Volume 14, No.3). 
			W.B. Saunders Company.

		t.  An exhaustive bibliography on multiple
			personality disorder was at one time available from 
			George 	Greaves, Ph.D., 529 Pharr Rd., Atlanta, GA 

		*u.  Beahrs, J.O,, (1982) "Unity and Multiplicity: Multilevel 
			Consciousness of Self in Hypnosis, Psychiatric 
			Disorder and Mental Health." New York: 

		v.  Braude, Stephen, (1991), "First Person Plural: 
			Multiple Personality and the Philosophy of Mind."
			London: Routledge.  

	3.  The Communications Perspective : Milton Erickson, Neurolinguistic
			Programming, etc..

	       *a.  Rossi, E. (ed.), 1980, "The Collected Papers of
			Milton H. Erickson on hypnosis", (4 vols),
			N.Y.: Irvington.

		b.  Zeig, Jeffrey and Peter Rennick, 1991, "Ericksonian
			Hypnotherapy : A Communications Approach to
			Hypnosis," in Lynn and Rhue (eds), 
			_Theories_of_Hypnosis, N.Y.:Guilford Press.

		c.  Havens, R.A. (ed.), 1992, "The Wisdom of Milton H.
			Erickson", (2 vols), N.Y., Irvington

		d.  Bandler, RIchard and John Grinder, (Judith Delozier),
			1975/1977 (2 vols), "Patterns of the hypnotic
			techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D."
			Cupertino, Ca.: Meta Publications

		e.  Grinder, John and Richard Bandler (ed. Connirae 
			Andreas), 1981, "Trance-Formations: Neurolinguistic
			Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis,"
			Utah:Real People Press.

		f.  Moine, Donald and Kenneth Lloyd, 1990,
			"Unlimited Selling Power : How to 
			Master Hypnotic Selling Skills," N.J.:Prentice Hall.
	4.  Hypnosis, volition, mind control, abuse of hypnosis.  Also
		legal aspects and psychology of coercion.

		a.  Barber, Theodore X. (1961) "Antisocial and Criminal Ac

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