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Does Ritalin cause short-term dopamine depletion?

Steve Dyer dyer at spdcc.com
Wed Feb 10 23:55:37 EST 1993

In article <1993Feb11.000752.19477 at mnemosyne.cs.du.edu> fsamson at nyx.cs.du.edu (Florian von Samson) writes:
>As the similarities of Ritalin and amphetamines in terms of chemical
>structure as well as physiological and chemical reactions already had
>been pointed out, I remembered a pep-up-pill called "Reactivan", which
>was (and still is, I guess) prescribed in Germany, containing an amphet-
>amine and vitamin B-6 (in a B complex) (and some iron complex as far as
>I can recall). I also know that there was comment on "Reactivan" in a
>book named "Bittere Pillen" (bitter pills) which regarded this combi-
>nation as not useful, meaning that the vitamin B-complex and the iron-
>complex was unnecessary.
>This "Bittere Pillen"-book comments on about 2000 of the most prescribed
>drugs in Germany. Although it occupies a critical point of view, it is
>not written by some 'green eco'-idiots. It was written by medical doctors
>and biologists and all comments seemed to be well based.
>If anyone believes it makes sense to follow this thread and the precise
>information on what "Reactivan" contains and what the comment in "Bittere
>Pillen" exactly sounded like is needed, send Email and I will find out
>and respond.

Reactivan contains vitamin C and B6, if I remember; no iron.
Its active ingredient is the amphetamine-like stimulant
fencamfamine.  It used to be available over the counter in German
pharmacies, but the drug was classified as a controlled substance
by the WHO a few years ago.  Since then I am told it has required
a prescription.

The addition of these vitamins is strictly-speaking, useless.
In most other respects, it's no better or worse than any of the

Steve Dyer
dyer at ursa-major.spdcc.com aka {ima,harvard,rayssd,linus,m2c}!spdcc!dyer

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