Ritalin and dietary supplements

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Sat Feb 6 10:53:59 EST 1993

In article <1kvos1INNmr at life.ai.mit.edu> hanan at hal.gnu.ai.mit.edu (Hanan 
erzog) writes:
>Are there any nutrients or drugs that (at least help) increase the
>production of dopamine? I am interested in something that will help
>compensate for the depletions in dopamine caused by increased release
>rate caused by Ritalin, etc. Supposedly, Ritalin users often feel more
>tired at the end of the day than others, prtially because of a short
>term dopamine depletion. I am hoping that increased production of
>dopamine at the same time as the increased release would produce a
>balanance which would reduce this side-effect.
>Any information would be appreciated.

 Wouldn't a diet rich in protein do the trick? You could ask your doctor
to prescribe tyrosine and phenylalanine supplements.

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