Wearing glasses: how long, how much?

Melanie Mahtani mahtani at CAMIS.Stanford.EDU
Sat Nov 28 21:16:28 EST 1992

Hi --
I'd like some input from opthamologists/neuroscientists/etc:

for those with age related myopia (good vision in youth, far
sightedness after 20s), I have heard two completely disparate sides
to the question of whether to wear glasses more/less frequently:

1) Wearing corrective lenses ALL THE TIME maintains vision
and stops the myopia from getting worse

2) Wearing glasses only when you need them most (seminars,
movies, driving) keeps your vision from degenerating by 
exercising your eye muscles

I dont need my glasses all the time, but wouldnt reject wearing
them (or contacts) if this will slow 
the deterioration of my vision.
What is the best way to wear lenses?

Melanie Mahtani
Genetics Department
Stanford University
Stanford, CA  94305

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