Vision problem and Virtual Reality

Steve Potter spotter at sanger.bio.uci.edu
Sun Nov 22 00:06:09 EST 1992

With all due respect to the ol' professor, Dr. Dubin, dont believe anyone
who says something can't be done.  Especially when it comes to issues
of neural plasticity.  Monkeys and cats are different than humans in the
very important respect that we can follow instructions and intentionally
carry out excercises that can re-wire out visual system.  For instance
I have recently successfully trained my eyes to merge images that are
further apart than my interocular distance.  This requires the eyes to
diverge, something they never needed to do in our evolutionary history.

Also, in order to cross-fuse images without using lenses, it is necessary
to focus at a distance that is different than the point of convergence,
another behavior that Mother Nature never intended us to do.  This
can be learned by most people with practice, even full-grown ADULTS
(but maybe not cats and monkeys).  

"Never say never"  Steve Potter
spotter at darwin.bio.uci.edu

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