Vision problem and Virtual Reality

Crystal crystal at glia.biostr.washington.edu
Fri Nov 20 22:50:36 EST 1992

In <19921120.133923.554 at almaden.ibm.com> simonofb at wmavm7.VNET.IBM.COM writes:

>In <crystal.722283589 at glia> Crystal writes:
>>physical clumsiness...
>>frequent headaches.  And no, he can not deal with 3-D,
>>nor use binoculars
>>or microscopes with any success.

>No on the clumsiness for me, yes on the headaches.  I can use
>binoculars and microscopes only if I close one eye.

He "one-eyes" things, too.

>>While amblyopia (lazy eye) can be a contributing factor to strabismus,
>>the eye-patch idea has not been proven to be a cause of later

>So could be genetic, could be eye patch.  I did indeed have an eye
>patch, but, being alive, I also have genetics.

I'm afraid I just can't parse your comment...

>>Her condition was treated non-surgically, but I
>>forget the details now.

>You are saying that there might be a cure of rmy lack 'o 3D vision?

No, I said "treated", not cured.  Treated to the point of decent functionality
in daily life. 

>Robert Simonoff
>simonofb at wmavm7.vnet.ibm.com


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