Vision problem and Virtual Reality

Steve Potter spotter at banting.bio.uci.edu
Fri Nov 20 02:12:34 EST 1992

Strabismus, a kind of cross-eyedness, is a muscular problem.  A
brother and a sister of mine both had it bad ("lazy-eye") when
they were little.  Bro wore a patch all thru kindergarten and
that helped a lot. Sis wore glasses all her life, and is better,
but still cross-eyed without glasses.  Both wear contacts now, and
both are fully able to enjoy my 3D photographs, a hobby of mine.  Smoe
Some bad cases are corrected by surgery.  I would opt for eye exercises
instead.  Depth perception, aside from being fun in 3D movies,and
VR, can save your life in any situation where you are moving and avoiding
things (they may be moving while you are still, too.)  One-eyed
people (and strabismics, I suppose) can get around their lack of depth
perception from parallax by getting "motion parallax" the way a pidgeon
does, by moving the head back and forth.  They probably have other,
possibly unconscious tricks too.

Eye muscles can be trained and strengthened like any other muscles,
so look into that if you want to gain full use of your visual system.

Steve Potter
UC Irvine Psychobiology
spotter at darwin.bio.uci.edu

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