Fri Nov 20 13:55:26 EST 1992

I found Mark Dubin's posting interesting and educational.  I have always
wondered why I have (apparently) good depth perception [I always do well
on the optometrist's polarized light tests and driving tests etc.] but still
"see double*"  Piecing his comments together with those of my opinionated
optometrist -- my brain is just not processing the two visual images
(at depth) the same way that most people's brains do. I must get depth
perception via some kind of parallax??  Following an early diagnosed "lazy
eye" (and extreme farsightedness) I have worn glasses since age 3.5 yrs,
bifocals since 15, trifocals since 37 and am now wearing progressives -- plus
early exercises, atropine treatments, and surgery at 14 to "improve fusion."

*at distance -- close vision seems to be ok.

I can certainly believe the "miswiring" characterization -- but if the
"exercise won't work" statement is correct -- then why do optometrists
recommend them? Are there similar conditions where eye muscles _can_ be
exercised to improve vision??

Kate McCain                       bibliometrics R us
College of Information Studies

mccainkw at duvm.ocs.drexel.edu

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