Vision problem and Virtual Reality

simonofb at wmavm7.VNET.IBM.COM simonofb at wmavm7.VNET.IBM.COM
Thu Nov 19 16:07:14 EST 1992

My doctor tells me that I have a vision problem called stribismous
(sp ?) which inhibits my ability to see certain 3 dimensional
aspects of scenes.  I don't really understand all of the nuances.
I have noticed that when I went to Disney World in Florida, there was
a 3D movie theater where you wore 3D glasses and supposedly were
able to see a 2D movie in 3d.  All I saw was a VERY blurry image
that gave me a headache.  I have 2 questions about this condition
which my doctor was not able to answer.

1) What exactly can I expect to perceive differently than others?
- 3D movies obviously that are rendered using the 3D glasses is
  one I know about.
- What about virtual reality scenes where the 3D is generated by
  rapidly flipping between the left and right eye images?
- What other problems should I expect?

2) supposedly this problem was caused by my eye doctor's placing
a patch on my lazy eye for too long a period of time.  Does this
make sense? What did this do to me physically to cause
this problem?

Robert Simonoff
simonofb at wmavm7.vnet.ibm.com

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