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Wed Nov 18 14:40:03 EST 1992

>> 4) When one sets up a "mathematical" model of the operation of a 
>>    set of neurons in a particular part of the nervous system, what 
>>    does one normally take into account, and what does one assume to be
>>    irrelevant to the modeling objective?

> 4)  Currently the connectionist paradigm is the most popular for modelling
>	the functioning of the brain.  The connectionist's bible is 
>	"Parallel distributed processing" by some guys at San Diego that
>	 I can't recall right now.

  While this is true, McClelland and Rumelhart's PDP book gets alot
of attention, I would say that Christof Koch and Idan Segev's book,
_Methods in Neural Modeling_ is a much better perspective on modeling
real neurons and what information one would like to include.  I would 
recommend this book, and the Hille reference already mentioned, before
the PDP material - depends on your particular focus, though.

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