Prashanth Mundkur mundkur at falcon.eng.uci.edu
Mon Nov 16 15:45:11 EST 1992

	I am looking for a text/review article/papers on the basic techniques
used in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. What I am interested in is NOT the 
conclusions of the various experiments that are conducted as part of research
in these areas, but the experimental techniques themselves. 
	Some questions for which I am looking for answers are
1) How do you conduct an experiment that traces the path of an axon for over
50 cms? 
2) How do you say that a neuron responds to a certain stimulus? What exactly is
involved when one places electrical electrodes on a cell membrane?
3) Drawing conclusions about a neuron's functional behaviour from brain lesion
experiments surely is very error-prone. What are the mistakes one should not
make when drawing conclusions from such experiments?
4) When one sets up a "mathematical" model of the operation of a set of neurons
in a particular part of the nervous system, what does one normally take into 
account, and what does one assume to be irrelevant to the modeling objective?
	I should have mentioned earlier that I am not even remotely a 
neuroscience student, and so I will not be able to understand common abbreviations
that may be in use in the neuroscience community for technical terms/journals/books.
I need the above information for a project in a course on "Models of the Brain".
Thanks for any advice and/or pointers to literature.

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