Developmental synaptogenesis

Yukiharu Hadeishi YHADEISH at biomed.med.yale.edu
Sat Nov 14 19:30:47 EST 1992

Hello, all!

I am a first-year grad student who nevertheless has a relatively extensive
background in neuroscience.  I have long been interested in activity-dependent
neuroplasticity and am becoming increasingly interested in the process of
synaptogenesis.  I am not all that familiar with actual lab work--- I spend
most of my time dreaming up terribly incisive, yet technically impossible
experiments to do...  ;-)  --- but the limited exposure I've had has been with
the developing retino-tectal projection.  I guess that's kinda irrelevant, no?

Anyway, I'd be most appreciative if people could send me information on what
work has been done with synaptogenesis.  Where should I begin reading up on all

Many thanks to all in advance!

  -- yh.

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