Kip D. Hauch hauch at cheme.washington.edu
Fri Nov 6 17:04:37 EST 1992

OK  stupid question time.

IUve seen the name TyrodeUs solution and TyrodeUs buffer
(and of course more frequently HEPES-TyrodeUs..) slapped
on many many different formulations of balanced salt solutions.
Everybody adds a touch of CaCl2 here, ATP there, MgCl2 here, etc.

Q:  Has *TyrodeUs solution* become a euphemism for an iso-osmotic NaCl
solution or is there really a formulation ascribed to it?

Can anyone point me to an ORIGINAL TyrodeUs solution/buffer formulation
reference if there is one?

Anyone have an ORIGINAL reference as to how HEPES was added to this, and
what it replaced (assume carbonate)?  

Is there a consensus as to what this name/term (TyrodeUs) means and how it
should be used?

Feel free to E-MAIL me your favorite recipe for TyrodeUs or HEPES-TyrodeUs
from your local labs recipe files along with refs.  I will summarize and
post if sufficient replies are received.

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