Rat auditory vs. olfactory localization

Peter Marvit marvit at cattell.psych.upenn.edu
Fri Nov 6 10:56:51 EST 1992

In article <2AF5CD17.23765 at ics.uci.edu> rmyers at ics.uci.edu (Richard E. Myers) writes:
     I'm suspicious that perhaps rats naturally search for odors, but are
   naturally disinclined to hunt for novel sounds.

     Does anyone know of researchers currenly working on auditory
   discrimination experiments that involve the animal localizing the
   positive sound/tone in space? (as opposed to the stationary pushing of

One basic problem you face is understanding what ecologically valid
sounds might be for which rats would want to localize. A practical
problem is that there is virtually no data (physiological or
psychophysical) on rat audition or auditory system; that is, I know of
none and neither do a handful of hearing scientists I know.  Remember
also that rats apparently hear best in the 15K-30K Hertz range; special
equipment will be necessary to provide and measure appropriate stimuli.

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