endorphins, etc.

duca at binah.cc.brandeis.edu duca at binah.cc.brandeis.edu
Thu Nov 5 13:43:00 EST 1992

Hello, exquisitely architectured biological neural nets!

I'm looking at endogenous opiates in the regulation of the sex steroid
feed-back loop of the GnRH pulse generator.  Does anyone know where I
can find some dependable data on endorphin levels (any species) across
the normal estrus cycle?  Actually, I'd be happy if I could find any-
thing at all on the role of opiates in the hypothalamus.  You can e-mail
me at:  duca at binah.cc.brandeis.edu.  Thanx in advance, friends!

Karen Duca
Dept. of Biophysics

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