Rat auditory vs. olfactory localization

Richard E. Myers rmyers at ics.uci.edu
Mon Nov 2 19:51:35 EST 1992

  I am trying to design an auditory discrimination experiment similar
to the olfactory discrimination experiments of B.Slotnick.  My
question is: "Are rats significantly better at olfactory localization
than auditory localization?"  My early investigations indicate that
this is true.  Most olfactory discrimination experiments take for
granted that the rats find the odors easily, but that appears not to
be true for auditory cues.

  I'm suspicious that perhaps rats naturally search for odors, but are
naturally disinclined to hunt for novel sounds.

  Does anyone know of researchers currenly working on auditory
discrimination experiments that involve the animal localizing the
positive sound/tone in space? (as opposed to the stationary pushing of

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.  


  -- Richard 

PS> I've read some of the work by Neff and Whitfield, but I can't find
anything more recent, or much of anything done with rats.

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