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Allen Smith allens at yang.earlham.edu
Wed May 13 00:21:20 EST 1992

In article <1992May8.043655.13890 at psych.toronto.edu>, philip at psych.toronto.edu (Philip Groff) writes:
> In article <1992May7.031046.17501 at yang.earlham.edu> allens at yang.earlham.edu (Allen Smith) writes:
>>In article <1992May1.014912.19422 at eagle.lerc.nasa.gov>, tostan at bert.lerc.nasa.gov (Stan Mohler) writes:
>>> It is my understanding that the right-half of the brain is mainly for
>>> right eye covered.  This would cause the words to be seen only by the left
>>> eye, which sends the signals to the right brain, which leaves the logical
>>> left brain only one recourse to receiving input: the corpus collosum!
>>	It's an...interesting idea, but one problem is that it isn't that 
>>the left eye only transmits to the right brain, it's that the left side of 
>>vision is transmitted to the right brain. You'd do better applying such a 
>>technique (I don't know enough to say if it'd work or not) to aural input.
>>	-Allen
> Sorry Allen, your ears have even stronger ipsilateral connections than 
> your eyes, and indeed there is no clear right vs left auditory field so
> that approach is out as well.  The only way dichotic listening works is
> when you pair inputs to both ears to arrive simultaneously.  That way
> the ipsilateral and contralateral signals have to compete for cortical
> processing space and the stronger contralateral signals (due to greater
> fibre density) win.

	Oh, great. Thank you; I'd (obviously) only known about the eye 
> p.s.  As your corpus callosum is fully matured by the age of 7 (give
> or take a bit) what exactly are you trying to "strengthen".  Muscles
> grow with excercise because the fibres themselves increase in size, this does
> not happen with axons.  Neither will you get increased numbers of
> axons, indeed after maturity the only process likely to affect the
> number of axons in the corpus callosum is cell death.  Just a few
> thoughts...I'm still willing to be won over by convincing data.  :-)

	It was more having to do with synapse selection (or at 
least selection by non-removal); if information is being passed from one 
side to the other, then possibly that process could be influenced for the 
better. Admittedly, the best means would be practice with stuff that used 
both sides and required their cooperation, but some easier means would be nice.

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