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Summary : Literature wanted.

Danny Banks D.Banks at ee.surrey.ac.uk
Wed Jun 17 08:49:22 EST 1992

Re: Literature requested on:

			Neuronal Biosensors.
			Neural Prosthetics.
			Artificial Organs.
			Bio-artificial Organs.
			Nerve Repair.

Well, I got a disappointing response to my post. Thanks, however, to
everyone who replied with useful information. I've summarised replies
below, along with bits and pieces that I've gathered myself.


Information on:

Neuronal biosensors -	Only one paper below, I could still use a good review.

Bio-artificial organs - This is a buzz-word that I've seen on the net, which
			caught my attention. I suggest that a bio-artificial
			organ would be an artificial organ in which the
			(an) active component is of biological origin. (Does
			that make sense ? I made it up on-the-fly).


This one surprised me. I was sure someone would recommend a book covering
this area, but I got nothing.

I have not found any stuff myself on artificial organs (yet). Oh well, that's
life :-( I guess that if I want anything I'll have to take some time off from
my research, and dig into the subject properly.


I've included e-mail addresses, and edited comments from people who 
responded directly to the post. I've tried to be careful about including
names and addresses; I hope no one objects to what I've done.


NM Lodge. "Disabled Child: Equipment for the Disabled", 5th Ed.
Nuffield Orthopedic Centre, Oxford. 1986.

From: 	Doug Monroe.
	dwm at pruxl.att.com  or  monwel at cbnewsk.att.com



RM Buch & GA Rechnitz. "Neuronal Biosensors", Analyt. Chem., 61 (8), 1989.
p 533A-542A.

Not a review, but an interesting read anyway.




WJ Heetderks & FT Hambrecht. "Applied Neural Control in the 1990s",
Proc. IEEE, 76 (9), 1988. p1115-1121.

GE Loeb. "Neural Prosthetic Interfaces with the Nervous System", TINS, 12 (5),
1989. p 195-201.

Both are interesting papers.


WF Agnew & DB McCreery (Eds). "Neural Prosthesis: Fundamental Studies".
Prentice Hall. 1990.

I haven't seen this one yet. It's been on my list of stuff to get for quite
some time now. I put in a request to the library for this a few weeks ago
after being reminded of its existence by Martin Bartos (ed.ac.uk), thanks.


Visual prosthetics:

Daniel Dennett. "Consciousness Explained".

Some info' on tactile visual prosthetics. Mainly discusses the subject's
response. An interesting, humerous book, strongly recommended.

From:	Erland Lewin		d90-erl at nada.kth.se


Auditory prosthetics:

I received some information from U of Keele (UK), on their cochlear implant
research. I extracted this address from it, which may be of use to someone:

		The Project Ear Foundation
		38 Devonshire Street
		W1N 1LD

Thanks to:

	Peter Steyger.
	Gil Cleeton.

I know that there's a lot of work going on in this area. Project Ear is
a UK initiative to develop cochlear implants. 



AR Kralj & T Bajd. "Functional Electrical Stimulation: Standing and Walking
After Spinal Cord Injury".
CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fl. 1989.

I find this fairly tough reading, however people round here seem to think
it's pretty good.



Thanks to Aziz Boxwala (unc.edu), for directing my attention to a research
seminar (not included here, as permission not recieved from the person who
presented it).


Sir S Sunderland. "Nerves and Nerve Injuries", 2nd Ed.
Churchill Livingstone. 1978.

A bit old, but this is referenced quite a lot in the literature that I read.
Pretty comprehensive, and heavy going. A good reference book.


RD Fields, JM Le Beau, FM Longo, MH Ellisman. "Nerve Regeneration Through
Artificial Tubular Implants", Prog. Neurobiol., 33, 1989. p 87-143.

A good review of the area. I  found it quite readable too. Just the sort of
thing I was trying to get hold of when I posted the request.


SB Dunnett & A Bjorklund (Eds). "Neural Transplantion: a practical approach".
IRL Press. 1992.
ISBN: 0199632855 (p/b).

Sounds like it should be on the same shelf as "DIY Brain Surgery" and "Home
Cryonics" :-) :-)

I haven't seen this yet, but I've put in a request to the library. I found
it poking around on on-line library catalogs the other day. I already have
one book in this series which I found quite useful, hopefully this one will
be interesting.


			     THE END

Hope you find this interesting. Sorry I couldn't provide more info'. Maybe
next time ;-) I've got a few other papers, but they concentrate
on more specific areas; I've gone for review papers in this summary.

This was all compiled from hand written notes, so I may have made some errors
in the transcription. Sorry again.

Thanks, again, to everyone who contributed.


Danny Banks.						eep1db at ee.surrey.ac.uk
I'm *not* a mad scientist............................I'm an eccentric engineer.

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