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New magazine - Psyche

x91007 at phillip.edu.au x91007 at phillip.edu.au
Tue Dec 15 00:00:56 EST 1992

Announcement: New Electronic Magazine 'Psyche'.

I am interested in starting up a electronic magazine 
exploring broad issues relating to consciousness and the 
mind. I hope to explore these issues in an interdisciplinary 
way - using approaches and insights from psychology, 
philosophy, anthropology, computer science and mathematics.

Examples of some of the general areas that Psyche will cover 
are: the mind-body problem; altered-states-of-consciousness; 
psychoactive drugs; shamanism; dream states; hypnosis; 
artificial intelligence; meditative states; ecstatic 
religious states; blindsight; language and mind. 

In an attempt to offer a grounding in some of the central 
themes of Psyche, major review articles of influential 
ideas/books/movements will also be solicited. Examples of 
what these might be are: John Searle's Chinese Room Problem; 
Daniel Dennett's book 'Consciousness Explained'; Gordon 
Wasson's theories regarding Soma; Roger Penrose's book 'The 
Emperor's New Mind'.

While Psyche will not be peer-reviewed this does not mean 
that it will become a haven for New Age/Lunatic Fringe ideas. 
I have just completed a BSc Honours majoring in psychology, 
and I am currently studying the way the brain codes the 
position of objects. I would like to balance by skills with 
others and so am particularly interested in getting in 
contact with people with backgrounds in either computer 
science, philosophy or anthropology to act as sub/co-editors.

While the date is obviously tentative I would like to get the 
first issue of Psyche out by March 1993. It will be produced 
in ASCII and hopefully postscript. As tends to be the nature 
of electronic journals clarity, rather than length, will be a 
critical factor in deciding which articles are accepted.

So if your interested in: helping, supplying copy, 
subscribing (at least for the first edition), or simply 
offering advice please contact me directly at the address 
below. In your reply please let me know where you read about 

Yours sincerely,
			 Patrick Wilken

x91007 at phillip.edu.au 

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