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In article <9109090739.AA18651 at genbank.bio.net>, TTCHENG at VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU writes:
> Biological Cybernetics 65(203-210) 1991 [most recent issure]
> A new method of the description of the information flow in
> the brain structures.
> M.J.Kaminski and K.J. Blinowska
> It _is_ as neat as it sounds!  They've analyzed EEG signals in humans
> and implanted electrodes in rats to determine the direction of information
> flow.  Their method uses spectral representations of time sereies data
> from the electrodes.  They've worked up a formula to calculate "directed
> coherences" between channels.  Also, they use partial coherences to
> determine the magnitude of correlation.  Could this approach be used to
> noninvasively extract information from the brain to drive cybernetic
> devices?
This sounds EXACTLY like the work described by Adey, e.g. in:

Adey, W.R., Computer analysis in neurophysiology, in Stacy, R.W. & Waxman,
B.D., Computers in Biomedican Research, Vol. I, Ch. 10, pp. 223-263,
Academic Press 1965 (sic! 1965)
containing references to
Adey & Walter, Exp. Neurol. 7,186, 1963
Adey, Walter & Hendrix, Exp. Neurol. 3, 501, 1961
Adey, Kado, Didio, and Schindler, Exp. Neurol. 7, 259, 1963
Adey, Porter, Walter, and Brown, Electroenceph.clin.Neurophysiol. 18, 25,
Walter, D.O. and Adey, W.R., Exp. Neurol. 7, 481, 1963

Each time I read about this "new approach" of using the EEG for deriving
parameters indicating information flow by  way of calculating coherence,
transfer ratios etc., I am reminded of the extensive and in our time very
exciting work made by Adey and his coworkers, and followed after that by a
large amount of dedicated EEG informaticians during most of the 70:ies, and
apparently still surviving into the 80:ies and 90:ies despite the
considerable avance of other experimental approaches in neuroscience.
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