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>Before I drift too far from reality, let me comment in response to the previous
>post:  Well, Don, you have a VERY good point there...  Just WHAT is the mind ?

  At this point I think it is safe to say that this question can still only
be addressed philosophically.  (Because I am sure someone is going to think
that I mean that in a derogatory manner, I will state here that I think
philosophical inquiry is both usefull and desirable.)  IMHO mind is not
a WHAT but a PROCESS.  In other words, mind is not a noun but a verb.  You
wouldn't look for a turbulance.  Nevertheless, we can understand the
conditions, processes, et cetera that result in turbulence.  Therefore,
studying the structure and dynamics of the brain could eventually lead to
an understanding of the process we call mind.


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