Compartmental models of single neurons.

John Connor connor at neuro.usc.edu
Fri Sep 20 03:15:06 EST 1991

In article <...> shah at spot.Colorado.EDU (SAFWAN SHAH) writes:
>The book Neural and Brain Modeling by Ronald J. MacGregor (Academic Press)
>1987, contains excellent discussions and the Fortran code to model single
>neurons. If required I can e-mail the source.
Most of the programs in the MacGregor book are point neuron models
rather than compartmental models.  The few compartmental models seem
to depend on hodgkin-huxley parameters and conditions.  The following
information described how to get a copy of a somewhat more flexible
neural system compartmental modeling program:


Here's how to get a preliminary copy of NEURON via ftp.

ftp sunjwm.neuro.duke.edu (
Name : anonymous
Password: your-name
cd pub/neuron
cd nrn-unix  (compressed tar files)
	 ( cd nrn-dos for pkzip files in self extracting .exe form)
mget *

NEURON now allows users to add their own membrane mechanisms using
a high level model description language.  This part is very new however
and I have not yet exercised it thoroughly.

I am interested in your comments and suggestions about the program.

To help me in maintaining a list of users (assuming you want to
be on such a list) send me an email message of the form:

mail hines at neuro.duke.edu
subject: NEURON user
email address
real address


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