LeVay's nuclei & Nottebohm

Garrett H. Riggs GHRIGG01 at ulkyvm.bitnet
Mon Sep 16 09:54:23 EST 1991

Hello everyone.

By now we've all read Professor LeVay's article on the size of INAH3
in homosexual versus heterosexual males.  LeVay measured the volume of
the INAH regions in the various brains and compared them.

Now to my specific question: one of the masters of this technique
(measuring the size of nuclei) is, of course, Fernando Nottebohm, who
has done all of that fascinating research on sexual dimorphism in
bird song control nuclei, etc.  But it seems to me that I recently read
something by Professor Nottebohm in which he indicated that he now
believes measurement of nucleus size to be a rather inaccurate criterion
for evaluating neural structures.  Problem is, I can't recall where I
read this!  (It may even have been in an interview with Nottebohm that
appeared in a birding magazine.)

Can anyone help me out with a reference?

While we're at it, shall I ever-so-tentatively suggest that we
open the floor to discussion of LeVay's most recent paper?


Garrett Riggs
Department of Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology
University of Louisville School of Medicine
Louisville, Kentucky 40292  USA

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