Lateral connections between simple cells?

tim pattison timpatt at augean.ua.oz.au
Tue Sep 24 06:31:02 EST 1991


Could anyone give me pointers to any recent results which either support or
disprove the existence of excitatory and/or inhibitory lateral interactions
(direct or indirect) between {\em simple} cells in primate or cat visual cortex.
Cross-correlation of simultaneous recordings from simple cells or similarly
specific evidence would be preferred, although I am interested in anything of
relevance to the topic, including the neuroanatomical foundation of such
interactions (if they exist).

I am familiar with the following work (including psychophysical and
electrophysiological results) in this area:

        title="A Comparison of Inhibition in Orientation and Spatial Frequency
        Selectivity of Cat Visual Cortex",
        author="Ramoa, A.S. and Shadlen, M. and Skottun, B.C. and Freeman,

Note: Ramoa et al. used cross-correlation of recordings from
orientation-selective cells in layer IV, but did not positively identify the
cells as simple cells.

        title="Spatial-Frequency-Specific Inhibition in Cat Striate Cortex Cells",
        author="De~Valois, Karen K. and Tootell, Roger B.H.",
        volume=336, year=1983, pages="359-376"}

        title="The Unresponsive Regions of Visual Cortical Receptive Fields",
        author="Maffei, L. and Fiorentini, A.",
        volume=16, pages="1131-39",

        title="Effects of Interacting Visual Paterns On Single Cell Responses in Cat's Striate Cortex",
        author="Fries, W. and Albus, K. and Creutzfeldt, O. D.",
        journal=VR, volume=17, pages="1001-8",

        title="Orientation Selective Inhibition From Beyond The Classic Visual Receptive Field",
        author="Nelson, J. I. and Frost, B",
        journal="Brain Res.",
        volume=139, pages="359-65", year=1978}

I would be happy to summarise any responses to the network.
Thanks for your indulgence.

Tim Pattison
Dept of Electrical and Electronic Eng.
University of Adelaide

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