Valdecir Scalco NPD2VSC at brufsc.bitnet
Sun Sep 15 21:35:34 EST 1991

I need informations about medical centers or conclusive researchs
about  coordenate movement's treatment (coordenacao motora)
The patient is a girl. She's 12 and she had suffered some injures in
a car crash whe she was 10.
Here, in Brazil, they didn't find anything.
She doesn't walk and speak. But she can listeen, see,
recognize persons and remember the accident as well.
She moves her arms but she can't hold anything.

The medical diagnosis was that she had been losen some cerebral cells.
That involves the motor ship.

If someone wantsof the  Medical report or the another information,
please write to me

Tanks, Valdecir Scalco

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