Biological basis of....

Mon Sep 30 19:21:00 EST 1991

>I have the idea that aesthetics must have a biological basis, in the sense
>that something aesthetically pleasing evokes different neural activation
>patterns than something which is not. Is anything known about that?

>Joe Lammens.

I would say that many people also have this idea and it is a very 
interesting question but perhaps awkward to answer. For instance, if 
one were to suppose that something aesthetically pleasing doesn't 
evoke different "neural activation patterns" when compared to 
something which is not, and we make the assumption that this is not 
expressed through a biophysical process, what might the medium be for 
such expression? If I am from Anytown, Country, and we all seem to 
have a "cultural" preference for dadaism in my little group, and I 
indeed also have this feel for dadaism, is this not a biophysical 

However, if the question is asking whether or not I was "predisposed" 
to like dadaism from birth, perhaps it should be rephrased to reflect 
this issue rather than that discussed above.

 Gene V. Wallenstein          
 Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences           
 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL. 33431 USA        
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