ACh Receptor models

Rama Ratnam ratnam at lisboa.ks.uiuc.edu
Thu Oct 31 02:43:26 EST 1991

I am looking for information on models for the ACh receptor mechanism.
A preliminary search revealed that 
a. The Ach  receptor tertiary and quartenary structure in the membrane
   is not determined although the domains have been identified and
b. Much is known about (at least) two snake-venom (Bungarotoxin and 
   Erabutoxin) binding sites.
c. No clear mechanism for the conformational change that leads to
   the opening of the channel exists.

There is a lot of other (less relevant for me) material on this receptor,
but I have no clues to the mechanism that could lead to the opening
and closing of this channel.
I am also not able to get my hands on this "theoretical model". I meet
people who say such a model exists but when I get down to the brass
tacks, I don't get a reference. (By model I mean a theoretical 
structure based on the sequence,  or better still some MD simulation
results (Oh joy! if this exists))

Is anyone interested in this receptor? Can s/he provide pointers?
I don't read the net often, so would prefer personal mail.

ratnam at lisboa.ks.uiuc.edu
Rama Ratnam,  Theoretical Biophysics, Beckman Institute
Dept of Biophysics, University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign
ratnam at lisboa.ks.uiuc.edu

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