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List of literatur: Object recognition in the human visual system

krienke at infko.uni-koblenz.de krienke at infko.uni-koblenz.de
Thu Oct 24 03:43:24 EST 1991

Hello to everyone !
A week ago, I asked for literature on the subject of object-recognition
in the human visual system. For everyone interested in this subject I 
compiled the answers I received. Here is the list:

Articles by John K. Tsotsos (tsotsos at vis.toronto.edu):

- Tsotsos, J.K., ``A `Complexity Level' Analysis of Vision'', Proceedings 
  of International Conference on Computer Vision: Human and Machine 
  Vision Workshop, London, England, June 1987. 

- Tsotsos, J.K., ``How Does Human Vision beat the Computational 
  Complexity of Visual Perception?'', in Computational Processes in 
  Human Vision: An Interdisciplinary Perspective'', ed. by Z. Pylyshyn, 
  Ablex Press, Norwood, NJ, pp. 286 - 338, 1988.

- Tsotsos, J.K, ``A `Complexity Level' Analysis of Immediate Vision'', 
  International Journal of Computer Vision, Marr Prize Special Issue, 
  Vol. 2, No. 1, p 303 - 320, Sept. 1988.

- Tsotsos, J., ``The Complexity of Perceptual Search Tasks'', Proc. 
  International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Detroit, 
  August, 1989, pp1571 - 1577.

- Tsotsos, J.K., ``Analyzing Vision at the Complexity Level'', Behavioral 
  and Brain Sciences 13-3, p423 - 445, 1990.

- Tsotsos, J., ``A Little Complexity Analysis goes a Long Way'', 
  Behavioral and Brain Sciences13-3, (reply to 17 open peer 
  commentaries),  p 458 - 469, 1990.

- Tsotsos, J.,  "Is Complexity Theory  appropriate for analysing 
  biological systems?", Behavioral and Brain Sciences,  continuing 
  commentary on P. Kube (to appear).

- Tsotsos, J.K., ``Image Understanding'', for The Encyclopedia of 
  Artificial Intelligence, Second Edition, ed. by S. Shapiro, John Wiley 
  and Sons (in press)

- Tsotsos, J.K., "On the Relative Complexity of Passive vs Active Visual 
  Search", International Journal of Computer Vision, (to appear, issue 
  7-3 or 7-4).

  Tsotsos, J.K., ``Localizing Stimuli in a Sensory Field using an 
  Inhibitory Attentional Beam'', (submitted).

Articles by Grossberg ... :

- Stephen  Grossberg  &   Ennio Mingolla NEURAL  DYNAMICS  OF PERCEPTUAL
  Psychophysics (1985), 38 (2), 141-171.   This work presents the  BCS /
  FCS model   with  detailed psychophysical   motivation   for the model
  components and computer simulation of the BCS.

- Stephen  Grossberg  & Ennio   Mingolla   NEURAL   DYNAMICS OF  SURFACE
  Computer Vision,  Graphics  and Image  Processing (1987) 37,  116-165.
  This  model  extends the BCS  to explore  its response to gradients of
  illumination.  It is mentioned here because of an elegant modification
  of the second competitive stage that was utilized in our simulations.

- Stephen Grossberg &  Dejan Todorovic NEURAL  DYNAMICS  OF 1-D AND  2-D
  BRIGHTNESS PERCEPTION Perception and Psychophysics (1988) 43, 241-277.
  A beautifully  lucid summary  of BCS /  FCS  modules  with 1-D and 2-D
  computer  simulations  with  excellent  graphics  reproducing  several
  brightness   perception illusions.    This algorithm   dispenses  with
  boundary completion,  but in return  it  simulates  the FCS operation.

Articles by Steve Lehar (slehar at park.bu.edu):

  PROGRESS IN NEURAL NETWORKS volume 3 (Ed. by Ablex Publishing Corp.)
  In print.

  Proceedings of the SPIE, Vol. 1469  (Applications of Artificial Neural
  Networks Conference) April 1991.

  University,   Center   for  Adaptive   Systems   technical  report   #
S. Lehar also accepted to mail an article describing the work of Grossberg
and Mingolla and his own extensions to the model to everyone interested.

Articles by Desimone..., Rolls..., Maunsell..., Van Essen, Beusmans...:

@article{ Phillipsetal88,
author = "Raymond R. Phillips and Barbara L. Malamut and Jocelyne Bachevalier and Mortimer Mishkin",
title = "Dissociation of the effects of inferior temporal and limbic lesions on
object discrimination learning with 24-h intertrial intervals",
journal = "Behavioural Brain Research",
year = 1988,
volume = 27,
pages = "99--107"}

@incollection{ DesimoneUngerleider89,
author = "Robert Desimone and Leslie G. Ungerleider",
title = "Neural Mechanisms of visual processing in monkeys",
booktitle = "Handbook  of Neuropsychology",
volume = 2,
editor = "F. Boller and J. Grafman",
year  = 1989,
publisher = "Elsevier Science Publishers B. V.",
chapter = 14,
annote = "excellent overview of the visual pathways -particularly IT
        details about cells in the different areas
        section on attentional effects -- only visible V4, MT
        and up.
        good pictures and flow diagrams of visual areas
        actual data on some face cells -respond only to face as
        a whole  ****",
pages = "267--299"}

author = "E.T. Rolls and G.C. Baylis and M.E. Hasselmo and V. Nalwa",
title = "The effect of learning on the face selective responses of neurons in the cortex in the superior temporal sulcus of the monkey",
journal = "Exp. Brain Res.",
year = 1989,
volume = 76,
pages = "153--164",
annote = "response to faces changes as the set of faces becomes familiar.  Also
responses to old faces change with the learning of a new face"}
@incollection{ Rolls90,
author = "Edmund T. Rolls",
title = "The Representation of Information in the Temporal Lobe Visual Cortical Areas
of Macaques",
editor = "R. Eckmiller",
booktitle = "Advanced Neural Computers",
publisher = "Elsevier Science Publishers",
pages = "69--78",
year = 1990}

@article{ MaunsellNewsome87,
author = "John H. R. Maunsell and William T. Newsome",
title = "Visual Processing in Monkey Extrastriate Cortex",
journal = "Ann. Rev. Neurosci.",
year  = 1987,
volume = 10,
pages = "363--401"}

author = "D. C. Van Essen",
title = "Functional organization of primate visual cortex",
booktitle = "Cerebral Cortex",
editor = "A. Peters and E. G. Jones",
year = 1985,
publisher = "Plenum",
pages = "259--329"}

@article{ Desimoneetal84,
author = "Robert Desimone and Thomas D. Albright and Charles G. Gross and Charles Bruce",
title = "Stimulus-Selective Properties of Inferior Temporal Neurons in the Macaque",
journal = "The Journal of Neuroscience",
year  = 1984,
volume = 4,
number = 10,
pages = "2051--2062"}
@techreport{ Beusmans87,
author = "Jack M. H. Beusmans",
title = "Visual Recognition of Objects: Behavioral, Computational, and Neurobiological Aspects",
institution = "Dept. of Information \& Computer Science, University of California, Irvine",
year = 1987,
month = Aug,
number = "TR-87-21"}

Some more hints:

- Douglas Hofstader in Metamagical Themas in his most recent book,
- Irving Biedermann with work on 3-D object recognition
- Steven Kosslyn
- Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience , issue 1991 with work on face recognition.

Thats all. Thanks to everyone who helped !

Rainer Krienke                                     krienke at infko.UUCP      
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