URGENT-Medical info needed

Sunil N. Bolar bolar at utdallas.edu
Wed Oct 9 09:57:29 EST 1991

I am posting this for a friend of mine.PLease send responses
to the address mentioned below and NOT to me.

------------------------- MESSAGE BEGINS --------------------------------
This is an URGENT APPEAL FOR HELP. A young man lost mobility of his arm due to
severed nerves in his shoulder in an accident. He lives in Singapore, and no
doctor has been found in Singapore to know of any remedy. We thought the United
States might be a place he can find a hope. If you know of ANY  physician or
hospital that could bring hope to this young man, please send an email to

   tayh%sin01.st.it%itopoli.bitnet at forsythe.stanford.edu

   This young man's severed nerves are dying by the day. If you could help please
   do so quickly. His family and friends will really appreciate your help.

   Hiok-Nam Tay

Sunil N. Bolar
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